CrossFit Women Are Amazing

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CrossFit Women Are Amazing

I loved being surrounded by such a diverse group of women who embody the definitions of beautiful and strong.
I belong to a league of extraordinary women.

We make up the sisterhood of CrossFitters. Whether we are WODing in a box in Hawaii, Tokyo, Tampa or Paris, we share a common unbreakable bond that is solidified through blood, sweat and tears.

Strong. Supportive. Determined. Bad Ass.

In a world filled with Disney Princesses and Kardashians, CrossFit women are the Katniss Everdeens and Star Wars’ Reys.

Statistically, women make up 50% of all CrossFit participants, and it is very apparent when you walk into any box across the nation: our numbers are growing strong.

Over the past weekend, I spent several hours with my girlfriends from CrossFit Kailua, holding our very own first Pin Up/Fitness photo shoot.

Several months ago, I had this idea of combining my passion for fitness with my passion for Pin Up photography. Who says you can’t love both lip gloss and lifting? I thought to myself, Wouldn’t it be fun to gather my favorite women together, so we could feel glamorous and do what we love most?

After talking to some of my girlfriends at CrossFit, we decided to make our vision of a CrossFit Pin Up photo shoot come to fruition. During my research, I had difficulty finding other CrossFit boxes, aside from one, who had taken on this challenge. As you may already know, no CrossFit woman ever turns down a challenge.

We took AMRAP to get the perfect shot!

We all come in different ages, shapes, size, backgrounds and athletic abilities, but we all share the same passion for the love of CrossFit.
It was one of the most incredible life experiences I’ve ever had, and I highly encourage other women in the CrossFit community to have a day of pampering and photography at their individual boxes. Not only is it a great community-building event, but it empowers women to embrace their beauty and strength.

I cannot wait to see the final edited photographs from our photographer Lindsay Amaral of Babycakes Photography in Honolulu, Hawaii. Just looking at the sneak peek pictures she shared with me, I know every one of the women will be thrilled with the results.

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