CrossFit: Workout of the Days of Future Past

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CrossFit: Workout of the Days of Future Past

I bring a message to you from the future. I’ve sent my consciousness back in time to my 2014 self to warn you of things to come. By the year 2018 CrossFit hit critical mass. The community managed to survive a corporate buyout scare from Berkshire-Hathaway, a Reebok anti-trust lawsuit, a class action lawsuit against the RRG, the harvesting of Rich Froning‘s stem cells (and the eventual clone farm), a few polarizing comments from CrossFit HQ, and two fatalities. By 2020, the market had become fully saturated and the bubble burst. What was once a strong, friendly and tight-knit community had turned into a turf war for clients and real estate.

But all of this can be avoided. There’s still time to change it. There can still be a strong community in the years to come if we all follow these principles and work together.

Full Transparency of the Affiliation Process

[E]veryone can be successful if we collaborate, share information, and work together to make the entire community better as a whole.
In the future, CrossFit affiliates have become like Starbucks: There’s one on every corner. For now, the best solution is for CrossFit HQ to add a layer to the Affiliate map to include Affliliates-in-Progress. These potential future affiliates would appear on the map in a different colored pin at the proposed location of the new gym, along with a proposed opening date. This would allow other potential new affiliates (and current affiliates) to see if any other gyms are opening up in the same area and the proximity to their location.

Niche Gyms

Niche Gyms
As CrossFit continues to grow, each gym will have to differentiate themselves from the others in their geographical area in order to survive. Some gyms will focus solely on the competitive athletes, while others will hone in on the average joes. Some will focus on the specialties: Olympic lifting, gymnastics, etc. Others will stay as generalists: Metcons all day. Every day.

Knowing what the personality of your gym is and who your ideal client is will determine the success and longevity of your gym. Eventually, the quality of your monthly programming and the knowledge and skillset set of your coaches will be what draws members to your gym. Gone are the days of hearing “I googled CrossFit and your gym was the closest. So, I’m here.” The community has become highly informed and demands dedicated coaches. The days of the casual coach will come to pass and the rise of the professional coach is upon us.
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