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Dalewood Clinic is a medical enterprise designed to promote the health and wellness of all of its clients. The enterprise has clinics in several parts of North America including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Pittsburgh, and Nova Scotia.

The company provides several services all aimed at improving and maintaining the health and wellness of its clients. Some of these specialty services include:

a. Stress Management
Stress is a normal reaction to daily events, but modern life has exacerbated the stress levels of people. Work and family life have become so demanding, and this is pushing many people over the edge. Stress can lead to a variety of issues such as alcohol and drug addiction, suicide, murder, divorce, as well as domestic abuse. In addition, being constantly stressed has a profound impact on our health.

Dalewood Clinic can help clients learn how to effectively manage stress before it wreaks havoc on their lives. The enterprise has an expansive network of qualified health practitioners that are experts in stress management. The experts will also provide guidance to clients on how to manage stress with the aid of a healthy lifestyle.

b. Weight management for both children and adults
The extensive Dalewood Health and Wellness network also provides its clients with weight management tools. The enterprise focuses on providing the clients with a scientifically proven method of losing weight, and keeping the weight off. The main aim of the program is to provide long-term weight management tools to the patients involved in the program.

In addition, the program focuses on helping the patients reach optimum weight, which is calculated on an individual basis and takes into account the patient’s overall health and health requirements, as well as physical attributes.
The program also involves a customized nutritional and fitness plan that fits the health and wellness needs of the individual patient.

To achieve customized plans for its clients, the enterprise has developed its own unique metabolic rate test to determine how many calories a person’s body burns while they are resting. The information gathered from this test will then be used to determine how many calories that individual should be eating in order to maintain a healthy weight.

The company also conducts genetic gene testing to determine how individuals react to different nutrients in food, as well as physical activity. The resultant information from the test will go a long way in shaping the nutritional profile that the practitioners will create for a specific client.

It is also important to point out that this comprehensive weight management program caters to both adults and children.

c. Smoking cessation
The Dalewood Health Clinic also offers smoking-cessation specialty services to its clients. The enterprise has a Nicotine Dependence Clinic that offers a variety of outpatient treatments and interventions such as group counseling, medical and psychiatric consultations, as well as medicines that are effective in assisting smokers in ceasing the smoking habit.

The group also offers customized cessation plans for clients who prefer meeting with a therapist for assessment and development of an individualized treatment plan.

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