THE DARK SIDE: Top 6 Reasons to NOT Get Involved with CrossFit

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2. You learn to speak a new primary language.

You learn to speak a new primary language.

I’m just going to say that if you enjoy speaking words of familiarity and customary to your native tongue, you may not be ready for this endeavor. Not only will you become proficient in terms like WOD, snatch, metcon, leaderboard, Paleo, PR, rolling, and other box-specific words, but also you will find yourself engaged in conversations on these topics ad nauseum no matter your whereabouts! Everything you see and do will revolve around this new language and all it encompasses.

3. You may become OCD in everything you eat.

If you enjoy eating in a way that YOU enjoy, you may find yourself “in the closet” with your old habits. Box fodder often rave about their “pre-” and “post-” WOD proprietary blends, multi-level marketing elixirs, special bars, powders and shakes, and amazing one-of-a-kind Paleo muffins. Oh yeah, and bacon. This gets so overwhelming at times that one may simply slither away to their car after a WOD, eating their 2/$2 protein bars and coconut water in secrecy.

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