THE DARK SIDE: Top 6 Reasons to NOT Get Involved with CrossFit

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4. You will want to wear skinny jeans.

You will want to wear skinny jeans.

Do NOT start if you do NOT want strong legs…
I’m not saying you cannot wear skinny jeans, but if they fit you, it is likely that you are not doing your workouts right. Jeans get tighter in the thighs and loose in the waist. This is a generally accepted practice because nearly everyone becomes QUADZILLA. Do NOT start if you do NOT want strong legs…often mislabeled as “big” thighs!

5. Every conversation is centered around yours or someone else’s workout: past, current, future.

If you don’t want the topic of conversation to be about everything CrossFit, don’t get involved. Period.

6. You desire a life outside of the box.

Every decision you make revolves around the box’s schedule, class times, open gym, competitions, OLY and hanging out with your new “cult.” Your box peers will begin to term you a “traitor” if you do something with your real family such as hiking or camping. Hell, even hanging out and watching movies all weekend with your fam is reason enough for the upper echelon to initiate the “launch” sequence! A life outside of CrossFit is not commonly held as reasonable and customary. If you have a life and want to continue having a life, stepping into this fire may get you burned.

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