Decoding CrossFit: A Recipe to Success

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by Ravikant Dewangan
A Recipe to Success

A Recipe to Success

I have been a member of NewEra CrossFit for 18 months and I always wonder about the impact it has on my life. It is obvious that there is a positive impact of being fit. It enables you to perform physical tasks but it adds more to your life in terms of mental and psychological aspects; I am trying to decode which is one of major reason for CrossFit Success.

Our perception about CrossFit is formulated by the 4% above average or elite athletes seen through media but it is the remaining 96% who define CrossFit and I belong to the 98% group.

Let it Go:

How do I get back up when I have a set back? “Let it go” is all about moving on. It is very challenging for anyone to let things go and move on. In order to succeed, risk is inevitable but it is accompanied by the fear to fail. Majority of the people do not want to try because they fear that they would fail.

I question myself daily: What is the best I can put in? Practice to fail, that too, everyday! Even though this might sound crazy, this is exactly how CrossFit influences my life. Every day is different and I set goals to PR on anything I do. We don’t PR 90% of the time (at least I don’t) and we fail most of the time but the beauty is to not let it affect me detrimentally. In fact, this inspires me to “Let it go” and come back next time with a new goal, a stronger mindset to be ready to hit the wall, be ready to experience one more set back and still be ready to try again with a new goal.

The key to success is to keep trying until you succeed and not let the fear of failure come in your way. The sooner you “Let it go”, the easier it becomes to try again.

Redefining success:

I read the quote “Success is a journey, not a destination” but I could never comprehend its real meaning. I always delay my celebration until I reach my final Goal. I am wired this way and didn’t know how to change it.

There is nothing wrong with holding off to celebrate until the end but I didn’t measure the bearings of this approach on my life .Most of the time, I end up delaying celebration where as I should have been enjoying the process.

Success is not the destination; every step towards your destination is success. The only way to alter my approach is to start celebrating every step I take towards success. It is easier said than done, I did not have an action plan to implement this new attitude.

CrossFit provided an avenue where I started celebrating small successes, ranging from getting my first jump rope to string together 10 to get my first double under and so on. I know what my goals are, and every day I step into my box and move one step closer to my destination. I enjoy and feel good about each step. This is rewiring my brain which is eventually translating into my life. I can see success as journey now and I enjoy this journey more than I have ever had in my life.

Chasing your weakness:

We like to approach life through our strengths. Change is the most difficult obstacle since it efforts us to venture out of our strengths and hone on our weaknesses.

CrossFit helped Change my perspective on weaknesses and change in life. I have identified my weaknesses and have a game plan to address these no matter how difficult the road is ahead of me. Eventually every weakness becomes strength. Knowing this fact and practicing this mindset has become my lifestyle. Now, I am not scared of taking up any task which can expose my weakness I am certain, I will overcome it and through practice it’ll become my strength.

Know yourself:

I thought I knew my limits; well, I didn’t, and reality was not even close. It is always good to know what I am capable of but there is no way I can discover until I try. The Best version of me is not defined by my limits. It is always evolving and I am always redefining my limits.

CrossFit helps me to identify my limits every day. There are days when I am operating on my full capacity for shorter time duration and on others I am way below my capacity for longer time duration, but knowing that I am operating at X percent of my maximum capacity gives me sense of what I am capable of and Every once in  a while, I redefine my limits. This is a cyclical process, I have adapted and trained myself to think and utilize my energy more efficiently in every aspect of life.

Crossing the Finish Line:

The biggest challenge I have overcome so far is that I have quit smoking.; I gave up more than 3 times in 8 months…Why gave up? I don’t know. I am sharing what factors supported me to succeed.

I revamped my attitude and let go of giving up. I started to cross that finish line every day.  The Sense of accomplishment started to become more pertinent than anything else. Even though I am the last one to finish the workouts most of the days, I crossed the finish line every single time. I cannot think of any training program in my life which skilled me to cross finish line.

I am sure I will keep retuning my best version through CrossFit, and I will keep decoding the secrets which lead to success.

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