Depression effects upon pregnancy

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One of the happiest things to happen in any woman’s life is, giving birth to a bonny baby, be it a boy or a girl. Majority of the women these days are found to experience sadness, anxiety, frustration, fear and despair. About 14-23 percent of pregnant women are found to suffer from different pregnant symptoms. It could be illness which may impact the thought process, behavior and emotions of the individual.

Usually, women are found to get depressed during pregnancy including after delivery. During the different stages of pregnancy, their hormones fluctuate a lot. This might affect chemicals in the mind as well as trigger depression and anxiety. There are times, when women may not realize that they are suffering from depression.

The truth is pregnancy can be exciting and complicated also. The different pregnancy stages may bring in different types of health concerns for the would-be mother or the baby. Hence, the desire could be to address the persistent alterations while delivering the baby. Changes noticed generally involve physical and mental conditions that can be tough to be dealt with. One can take up pregnancy depression medication as prescribed by the qualified and certified physician.

Depression signs when pregnant

• Those who are found to be frustrated during the pregnancy period are found to give birth to children who may have sleep issues until they reach 18 months of age.

• Depression could even lead to miscarriage or preterm delivery which is delivery before due date.

• Women suffering from depression may deliver baby of low weight.

• It is important to treat depression without any delay during pregnancy. Otherwise, it can lead to postpartum depression, thus only making the condition of the individual much more critical. Depression maybe found even after several months after delivery of the baby. It can impact both physical and mental health as well as bondage with the child.

• In case proper and timely pregnancy depression medication is not provided, then it may create abeyant risks to both the mother and child. With the disease left untreated can lead to suicidal behavior, excessive smoking and drinking, health problems. It will only lead to causing development problems in the baby.

• The depressed woman will not have the energy or the desire to deal with her health or that of the baby properly. Even babies will reflect less focus, be less energetic and also be upset and irritable, when compared to infants born to mentally and physically healthy mothers. It is for this reason, appropriate treatment is an absolute necessity.

• The depressed mother’s child is likely to show anti-social behavior later in life. Women during their teen years if found to be aggressive and disruptive are likely to display depression during their pregnancy stage. This will only show in their child’s actions.

If left untreated, the women in depressed state may feel irritable, lack of strength and will not be able to focus properly. Also, she would not be able to interact with the child properly.

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