Destino Retreats: Photo Shoot Part I

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Destino Retreats: Photo Shoot Part I
Have you ever come back from a vacation, yearning for a few extra days to get back in the swing of things? With a Destino Retreat planned by Founder Ty Texidor and her esteemed staff, you’ll return in better shape than you left! As most great ideas are made, Ty found a void that needed to be filled – a vacation that allows you to maintain your diet and fitness, while also enjoying yourself in sought after destinations around the world!

Imagine a vacation where you come home feeling HEALTHIER, STRONGER, LEANER and all around more BAD-ASS!…Destino Retreats provides a hassle-free escape to various locations around the world. With competitions, skills training, seminars, beastly WOD’s, and paleo meals, this is a dedicated athlete’s dream.
Here is a glimpse into a Destino Retreat at Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA. It may have been windy, cold, and a little crazy…but there is nothing quite like seeing people push themselves to the limit, with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop. If you can’t find inspiration with a Destino vacation, then maybe the confines of a globo gym is where you belong! Stay tuned next week for a closer look at Ty Texidor as well as Part II of the Destino Retreats Photo Shoot.
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