Developing a Peak Performance Game Plan

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by Gregg Swanson

This is our final piece on Mental Strength and Athletic Performance.

At this point, you have read through and hopefully practiced the different mental strength in sports tips I have provided. You know how to incorporate them into practice, CrossFit training and even game day to reach your peak performance.

So what now?

Let’s say that you have a major game coming up, it will be important for you to achieve your peak performance during this. How will you pull these 14 tips together to reach your peak performance?

The best way to do this is to kick off your peak athletic performance game plan.

The truth is if you leave out any of the 14 mental strength sports tips we have gone over, you will never manage to reach your peak performance in sports.

As the game gets bigger, so do the chances for you to make a mental mistake.

So what is the biggest possible mistake you can make during the game?

Bringing any goals and expectations with you into the competition and focusing on the importance on repeating a top performance you had during a practice session or CrossFit routine. What you want to have happen and what you are hoping to accomplish as the end results for this.

When you stress about the final outcome, you will only experience problems.

At this point, you’ve already done enough focusing on your goals. Now is the time for you to just let it go. Keep your goals close to you daily, but on game day you need to look beyond goals, practice times, CrossFit accomplishments and understand in competition you have a different agenda that has nothing to do with these nor the outcome .

As soon as you begin to focus on the outcome and your past peak performance, you start to lose your concentration on what is important, the execution of things.

So how does a person let go of the outcome?

They take the time to follow this Athletic Performance Game Plan.

The goals that follow are in no order and they may overlap, as repetition is critical to learning. They will help you during game day to reach your peak performance levels, practice to push yourself, or to even keep you motivated at CrossFit.

My recommendation is you take the time to write these on index cards and go over them before any event you attend and critique yourself so that you can continue to make progress.

Peak Athletic Performance Game Plan

1. Stay focused on what is actually important, blocking out the unimportant elements. That means only focusing on what you can control.

2. Keep in the moment. Only deal with things as they come, step by step, one catch, pitch or throw at a time. First things first should be your focus during this time.

3. Each time you time travel in your mind, correct yourself and return to the here and now.
4. Focus on you…stay inside yourself…play YOUR game, own your agenda.

5. When you start negative thinking or self-doubt use that as a sign it is time for you to refocus.

6. Track your uncontrollable variables and when you notice them popping up, take the time to neutralize them and change your focus to something that you can control.

7. Trust and let things happen. Trust in your practice, CrossFit training, vouching and other elements that have helped you to reach your peak performance levels.

8. Start acting like you are a winner. When things get tough, you are always in control. You will find that when you want something badly enough, you will become it by acting that way.

9. Always be calm, loose and relaxed. Focus on controlling your breathing. Use techniques we have previously touched on to help you relax, understanding the difference between good and bad nerves.

10. Don’t spend time thinking about it. Only think about your peak performance energy and stop wasting time and energy on things you cannot control.

11. Always have fun. Fun is a critical element to reach your peak performance in CrossFit training, practice on and the field. When you are having fun, you will see that all other aspects start to fall into their place.

12. Always be positive, no matter what. Nothing good will ever happen if you are negative. Do what you can do maintain a good, positive attitude.

Above, remember that for you to reach your peak performance, you need to be out of your mind. By following the above Peak Performance Game Plan combined with the previous 14 steps, you can be sure that you have all you need to be a success, mindless athlete.

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