Do Tummy Tucks Give you a Six Pack?

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A tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty and is a medical process that makes your stomach appear fit and slim again by getting rid of the skin and contracting abdominal wall muscles. If you have undergone a weight loss surgery, you will need a tummy tuck in Turkey. Sometimes after pregnancy, the abdominal wall muscles can separate, in this case, one may be in need of an abdominoplasty. Some people will want to undergo a tummy tuck surgery to get rid unwanted fat and to get a six-pack.


Loose and out of shape abdomen skin can be a predicament for both men and women and in most cases results in low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with one’s body shape. Long hours in the gym or are not exclusively adequate to do away with the unwanted fat around your stomach area. This is why many people opt for tummy tuck operations that provide an efficient and lasting answer to excessive stomach fat.

Many patients that have undergone surgery will wonder how soon they can start exercising after an abdominoplasty. Exercise is very vital, but you should start with eating healthy. The diet recommended for post tummy tuck patients is mostly vegetables and protein, and one should avoid processed foods and carbohydrates. Since a proper nutrition is essential for healing, you will quickly heal if you eat healthily.

If you want to get a six-pack, a tummy tuck is not enough by itself. Here is an outline of the exercises you should do to achieve more from the surgery.

2 Weeks After Surgery

After the soreness from the operation fades, you can commence light exercises such as walking on flat ground or surface. This will be important in keeping your body active and is very crucial in the recovery process.

4 Weeks After Surgery
If you do weightlifting as part of your fitness and bodybuilding, you can resume it but in small phases. After this period, you need to maintain light weights as you take good care of the operated area. With time, you can start adding the weights and repeating your routines more regularly.

6-8 Weeks After Surgery
At this point, your muscle groups in the abdomen area will be close to 90% healed. However, you need to be 100% healed before you start a tight and muscle-specific exercise. If you want to start abdominal exercises such as crunches, you have to wait until you complete at least 6 months in your recovery process to include such exercises into your routine.

It is important to avoid pushing ahead too early with your exercise routines that are exhausting; you might be at risk for these reasons:

• Medications given to reduce pain can give you side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness, and with poor coordination and muscle balancing, you can make exercises very risky.
• Tough exercises such as crunches can hurt your stomach muscles and skin.
• During an average training, your blood pressure and heart rate are bound to increase. This can lead to bleeding at the operated area or even cause other severe complications which may require you to go for a reoperation or result in tummy tuck results that you did not foresee.

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