Do You Really Need Hernia Surgery? The Most Important Facts You should Know

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One important fact about hernias you should know about is that they are more common than you may think. Many individuals are affected by hernias, and even children are not immune from a particular type of hernia, which often occurs at birth. But if you are an adult and you have a hernia, you may require surgery to have it repaired. So what are the top facts you should be aware of when it comes to hernias and hernia surgery? Here’s what you should know.


The basics on hernias

A hernia is basically a sac which is formed at the abdominal cavity’s lining, called the peritoneum. This sac can go through an area or spot along the belly wall which is weak, thus causing the symptoms and discomfort associated with the condition. There are different types of hernias, and the type of hernia you have will depend on its location. A femoral hernia, for instance, is often found on the upper thigh, and it is a condition that is more common with women. A hiatal hernia is located on the upper portion of a person’s stomach. An incisional hernia is caused by a scar from prior abdominal surgery, whilst an inguinal hernia is a bulge often found on the groin and is also more commonly found in men.

The causes of hernias

Hernias can be caused by a number of things, but there is really no clear reason why they occur. Sometimes, a hernia occurs due to activities such as heavy lifting or straining, and other activities which can raise pressure inside the abdomen. Those with a chronic cough or constipation can also suffer from hernia, and those who are overweight may also be more likely to develop hernia.

The symptoms

Often, those who have hernia don’t even know that they have it. But for some, there can be pain or discomfort, especially when standing or straining or trying to lift heavy items. The most common symptom associated with a hernia is a ‘bump’ which feels sore and is increasing in size. If a hernia becomes bigger, there is a likelihood that it will become stuck in the hole and its blood supply will get cut off. This is referred to as strangulation – and this requires emergency hernia repair. Symptoms associated with this include nausea, vomiting, or not being able to have proper bowel movement.

Do you really need hernia surgery?

The problem with hernias is that if they are not dealt with, they will only become bigger, and a hernia that is larger will be more difficult to repair. The aforementioned condition called strangulation can also occur, and it is always best to address the problem before this happens. In some particular cases, inguinal hernias can result in the obstruction of proper bowel movement as well, as confirmed by hernia surgery in Hampshire specialists from The London Surgical Group.

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