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As everyone knows visa is the most important document when you plan to travel in abroad like Vietnam. At the same time Vietnam is most complicated country to get permission for entry so you are recommended to get valid visa. There is no matter whether you travel to Vietnam for business or vacation but you must have vietnam visa and in case you are seeking for the help to get visa then you can get help from green visa.

Understand different types of the Vietnam Visa
In case you are beginner to apply visa vietnam then you must know about different kinds of visa such as
• E-visa
• Visa online
• Visa on arrival
• Embassy visa
• Tourist visa
• Business visa

Based on the Vietnam Immigration department says that visitor or tourist visa belongs to the category of C1. Sometimes it is also categorized has C2 visa type and it was granted to the person who arrive to Vietnam for doing research purpose or visiting relatives. If you get tourist visa then you can stay in Vietnam up to three months. In a present world many of the people are willing to visit Vietnam because it has wonderful landscapes, special cuisines and delicious food. Suppose you look to visit Vietnam for business related reasons then you are suggested to take business visa and this type of the visa is coded B4 and B3. In case you visit Vietnam with business visa then you can stay for long time which is up to six months to one year. There are numerous numbers of the ways are there for getting a visa for vietnam such as Vietnam embassy, Vietnam e-visa and visa on arrival. According to the studies says that vietnam visa on arrival is the alternative method to get Vietnam visa. In case you are looking to get visa in safest way then green visa is the best choice because they are the legitimate and trustworthy place to submit your visa application form. Always keep in mind; you must offer exact information to acquire visa and green visa can offer only transparent visa service to their clients so people no need to spend more cash to get Vietnam visa. They are offering twenty four hours service to their clients so that you can easily apply visa on online.

Find out the best place to get Vietnam visa
In case you are looking to get excellent travel experience then Vietnam is the best option. If you surf like vietnam online visa then you can gain huge numbers of the results but people interested to choose green visa. The complete visa process is happened on online so it might be the fast and convenient one for applicants. They are not asking to send your passport and they are offering the visa within two days. They deal with the Vietnam authorities at embassy and they are offering hand free visa procedure. They are providing wide range of the payment method to their clients so you can easily get Vietnam visa on online.

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