EMOMs & Skill Development

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EMOMs & Skill Development

EMOMs are often used in CrossFit as a way to program the strength/lifting portion of a class because it forces us to lift in a timely fashion — that is, not rest too much between sets but not rush the rest either. In particular, there are two “types” of EMOMs I often see come up in programming across different gyms:

  1. Building EMOMs: start light and build weight across the rounds to a rep max of some sort →e.g. EMOM x 10 to find a 2RM power clean or 3RM hang snatch
  2. Cycling/Volume EMOMs: use a specific weight/percentage across the rounds e.g. 3-5 DL@60% EMOM x 10

But these aren’t the only ways EMOMs can help us maximize our training; one of my favorite types of EMOMs to integrate into training is the kind that focuses on Gymnastics and Skill Development.

It’s one thing to be able to do skills when we’re fresh/have had adequate rest, but doing them for time when we’re fatigued — e.g. in a WOD — is a different story, and that’s where EMOMs come in.

EMOMs allow us to manipulate our work:rest ratio and create an environment with just enough pressure that the work is challenging but not so much that our technique goes to shit. And the beauty of using EMOMs in training is that it’s pretty much an ideal framework for progressive overload.

For Example:

Week 1 may look something like…

Alt EMOM x 15 (5 each):

and Week 2 could be…

Alt EMOM x 15:

  • 2-3 Rope Climbs
  • 10-14 T2B
  • 50-60 DU


Alt EMOM x 18 (6 each):

  • 1-2 Rope Climbs
  • 8-12 Toes-to-Bar
  • 40-50 DU.

Both Week 2 examples are slightly higher volume (extra reps/round or extra rounds) but not by much; this keeps the increase in reps manageable.

Rope Climb

There are however, some things to keep in mind before programming these types of EMOMs into our training.

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