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Best VPN providers to Use Anywhere

Saturday, June 9, 2018 — Monday, July 9, 2018
New yark, california
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Virtual Private Networks or VPN
are the hottest picks by security professionals, institutions, and regular
people to protect their privacy from hackers and the spying eyes of governments
and big corporations.

The world has transformed into a
global village, everyone uses the Internet from the Wall Street in New York to a remote village in
India, the internet accessibility has expanded from Canada to Australia.

There are endless perks of the Internet.
However, along with it there are dangerous misuses and criminal offenses and activities related to data breach on the web.

What to do to protect yourself
from the horror stories we hear every day on the internet? Well, there are some
simple solutionsthat anyone can do.One of themisto acquire a Virtual Private

A VPN will help you to browse
anonymously without being tracked and without your data and physical location and
privacy to be compromised. Here are
2 top VPN providers
you must consider before buying such a solution.

Express VPN

As its name suggests, Express VPN
is among the fastest VPN services in the world; they have a vast network of
servers expanded to 94 countries and 148 cities. They have blazing fast
internet speed whether you are in the streets of China or roaming around in
Melbourne, it won’t let you down on speed.

The network runs extremely fast
with 2000 network nodes and tier-1 bandwidth making it as fast as the original
internet connections without any proxy server.

Express VPN is a totally secure
network, it has its headquarters in the British
Virgin Islands where there are no laws to record user history while browsing,
so you are safe here.

This option allows torrent
downloading and seamless streaming from all the internet sources. If you are
looking for a cost-effective and safe VPN service, Express VPN is surely the best provider for you.

The monthly package will cost you
around $13/month. If you are going for a year’s plan, you have to pay $8.32 per
month. If you are buying Express VPN, you are eligible to use 3 connections
from the same account; the privacy is top-notch as it records no activity or
connections logs.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a step ahead of all
of its competitors; it supports 6 devices with one subscription. It has a huge
and fast VPN network all over the world with 4000+ NordVPN servers or nodes.

If you are a US-based customer,
you will never find anything better and faster than Nord VPN. The monthly plan
charges around $12 per month, if you are going for an annual subscription, it
will cost $5.75/month or $3.29 per month in a 24-month plan.

Nord VPN has a network of proxy
servers in 62 countries and it usesAES-256
with no connection and activity logs recorded at all. Nord VPN
works on all the Operating Systems i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, Macintosh, and
has extensions in the internet browsers i.e. Chrome and Firefox.

In the
subscription package, you will have unlimited bandwidth and a Kill Switch
feature. The company has its headquarters in Panama, so there are no security
issues as it does not record logs and history. Nord VPN has 4100 total servers
for fast browsing. If you are a TOR user, adding Nord VPN will add an extra
layer of security making your browsing completely shielded.


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