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Capt’n Karl’s | Pedernales Falls

Saturday, June 27, 2015 — Sunday, June 28, 2015
Pedernales Falls, 2585 Park Road 6026
Johnson City, Texas, United States
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Trail Series 7:00pm 12:00pm $120.00

Capt’n Karl’s Trail Series begins on the hilly, steep and rocky trails of Pedernales Falls State Park along the Pedernales River. Located 9 miles east of the consequential Johnson City and only 43 miles northwest of beautiful Austin, Texas. Runners will be traversing Wolf and Tobacco Mountains while winding along the small canyons created by Mescal and Tobacco creeks. Jones Springs is a wonderful oasis that runners will hear in the distance as they cruise through the single track section of our loop course. Before runners finish our course, they will maneuver down to the Pedernales River and navigate along the rocky shores of Twin Falls while heading back to the Equestrian Center.

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Brad Quinn


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