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by Jan Dayleg
Head Coach/ Owner, CrossFit 5 Triple 9, Curaçao

Before I get into it, this post was inspired/ triggered by a Facebook status update from none other than Nicole Capurso. If you don’t know who she is, you should. The status read:

“I’m not sure if my jerk got stronger because my handstand walks got better, or if my handstand walks got better because my jerk got stronger? ….Wait, maybe #everythingiseverything or something like that?”

This is just one example of how improvement in one aspect of your fitness (or life, but we’ll keep this CrossFit-related) can affect another.

Many times, either from being hot-headed, egotistical, obsessive (cough, me), or some other reason, we forget this.

At times, we want so badly to be “elite” that we obsess over the more advanced movements and constantly try to jump the gun, not acknowledging that the movements that form the base of those elite maneuvers must be mastered. For example, a couple classes ago at my box, as we were performing the high-hang clean for a max load in class, an athlete approached me and said it’s more comfortable for him to pull from a lower position. (What he really meant was that he can get more weight on the bar, and feed his ego.) Eventually, that athlete will see the benefit of pulling from the high-hang, when it’s almost effortless to pull under the weights he pulls from lower hang positions, or the floor.

Everything really is everything, though. It’s one of the many beauties of CrossFit. One day after weeks of perfecting your kettlebell swing (and that hip thrust we all love), you come in and knock out your first kipping ring muscle-up. Sometimes you break a record in the deadlift after months of not pulling heavy deadlifts at all because of your continued improvement in the back squat. Sometimes you break your mile-run record time because your conditioning and cardiovascular endurance is just better overall.

These kind of things happen almost on a daily basis, if you’re giving 110% into everything about your CrossFit-ness. What that means is you should put all your focus into every training session, listen and milk as much knowledge and advice from your coaches as possible, and not take a single movement, review, progression, or session for granted, because whether you see it firsthand or not, it is helping to improve something that you will surely notice in the future.

Everything is everything.

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