Exercises for older adults that will help you defy your age

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While some feel that workout is the forte of the youngsters in their late teens and early twenties to groom their biceps and abs, the real smart ones know what continuous exercise can do till you are 80.

You will be amazed to know the share of the population above 60 years of age who are still working out regularly to keep themselves shipshape. More than keeping yourself in prime shape, regular exercises have positive effects on your digestive system, nervous system and mental health. Working out regularly keeps you fit so you can do all the chores around the house yourself.

As per http://www.ctcarehomehealth.com/ exercising for at least 40 minutes per day keeps you both physiologically and psychologically fit. But the prime concern for those above 60 years of age is the kind of exercise suitable for their bodies.

So here are some of the exercises we recommend that will keep you feeling energetic and looking young forever –

i. Cardiovascularexercises–you must always remember to do necessary stretching exercises before delving into cardiovascular exercises. These improve flexibility and increases muscle strength for adults. However, it is imperative that an experienced trainer is present for personal supervision once you are engaging in these strenuous exercises.

The most rewarding cardiovascular activities for older adults include –

 Walking
 Speed walking
 Slow jogging
 Aquatic aerobics
 Swimming
 Rowing machine
 Indoor biking

ii. Yoga – This is ideal for all age groups, but since older adults require reaping the most amount of benefit from little investment of energy, a few types of yoga are best suited for the older adults. Regular yoga helps in bowel training, strengthening the bladder muscles and improves neuro-muscular co-ordination. Yoga is also used as a part of rehabilitation exercises for many who have suffered cardiac arrests and suffer from blood pressure related ailments.

Here are six yoga poses that age well –

 The Tree Pose
 The Warrior II
 Extended Puppy
 Low Lunge
 Bridge
 Legs Up the Wall

All of these poses test your muscle strength and increase agility. However, we strongly recommend the presence of an experienced and professional yoga trainer during the sessions to avoid over-straining.

iii. Aerobics – these are light exercises that aid the respiratory process to generate more energy and burn the extra stored fat. After a session of aerobics you will feel more energetic rather than spent. These are usually done with music and with the aid of objects to make the sessions more interesting, immersive and fun.

If you think exercising is only for the young, you are definitely living in the 60s. New research shows that people above the age of 60 need to engage in regular physical activities to regulate their sleep patterns, digestive systems and keep their bladder activities in check. 60 is the age to start living and there is no better way to live it up than include a few minutes of exercise in your daily life.

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