Exercises to lose weight fast on the treadmill

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To gain weight is to sew and sing how difficult it is to lose it later. No matter how hard you try, it always seems like nothing is happening. And, although some are lucky enough to have a metabolism that does not let them gain weight (for many croquettes they eat), the rest of the mortals do not. In addition, many times, we take the big step of joining a gym or buy an exercise machine for home, but it ends up being too monotonous and we get bored after a short time.

If this is your case, here are some exercise routines to do on the treadmill, which will not only help you get rid of the hated sagging but also make you have a good time:

Interval Exercises

The best and easiest exercise routine, and also the most effective, is certainly the interval exercise. First, you must start warming up walking at a comfortable pace for about 5 minutes. Then you must raise the speed and keep it constant for 7-8 minutes, then raise it a little more and hold it again. If you feel comfortable running, keep doing it until the last few minutes. After running, do the same upside-down speed routine to cool.

Light weights

To perform this routine you must be well focused. It is a routine that works two or more parts of your body at the same time. First, you must start walking at high speed, as long as you are comfortable and stable. As you walk, carry light weights in your hands. Now, when you’re comfortable, start doing biceps and triceps exercises while walking. Ask your instructor to tell you the correct posture to avoid any injury. And above all, be sure to use very light weights.

The towel trick

This trick is very effective for all those who can’t carry weights due to some health problem, or for beginners. As you walk on the tape, grab a towel with both hands and pull them together so that the towel is parallel to your chest. So, lower it to your thighs. Keep repeating this exercise while you walk. Then put your hands together (parallel to your ears) and carry the towel up and down.

Walking with inclination

If you do not have a medical history of knee pain or low vitamin D, ask your instructor to tell you the best speed and incline for you, and start walking. You will feel as if you are climbing a mountain. It is a perfect exercise to tone thighs and buttocks.

Exercise circuit

This routine is more fleeting. All you have to do is combine fun exercises: for example, start running on the tape at speed 7 or 8 for 3 minutes, then salt and do 100-star jumps, 10 push-ups, and 50 oblique abs . Take a break of 5-10 seconds and repeat the set. Make 3-5 sets depending on your experience. You can also increase the time and repetitions of your exercises.

Walk sideways

This is another good routine for your thighs. Mark a Pazo in which you can walk comfortably. Now, little by little, change your direction and put aside on the tape. At first, it may seem very difficult and it takes a lot of effort, but you will not achieve your goals without sweating, right?

Now you know, treadmill exercises can work your entire body, even the most problematic areas such as thighs, abdomen, and glutes. In addition, they increase your endurance, and best of all you can do them while watching your favorite series, talk on the phone or isolate yourself from problems by listening to music. What are you waiting for?

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