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I recently read a blog post about yoga and keeping your eyes on your own mat. Meaning, don’t worry about the other people in the class. This is your practice and just because you can’t do Bird of Paradise like others in the class, doesn’t mean that the practice isn’t effective for you and what you need to get out of it. I didn’t realize that was something I needed to work on until after I read the post.

Keeping your eyes on your own mat is also true to Crossfit. I realized that tonight after the WOD.

Tonight’s WOD involved Clean and Jerk at 85%. I didn’t know my One Rep Max so I just built up the bar until I knew I needed to stop. Being a newbie a Crossfit, it can be scary to build up a bar and not know where to stop. For a while I intimidated by my fellow female Crossfitters who were so much stronger than me. I was lifting to heavy for me and as a result, I rounded my back and got yelled at by my coaches. A lot. It also prevented me from performing the whole movement correctly.

Last Thursday the WOD also involved Clean and Jerks. I performed them at low weight, 35 pounds. I needed to do this in order to not round my back and do the movement properly. I’m not one to brag, but by doing that I was able to crush it! I walked out of the Box so proud of myself.

So today, I walked in knowing I would be doing Clean and Jerks again, but at a lower intensity. I could add weight, feel safe, and control the movement properly. I started at 35 pounds, then 45, 50, and maxed out at 55. I completed the movement with not one problem. My coaches didn’t yell at me and I didn’t worry about the fact that woman next to me maxed out at 110.

I kept my eyes on my own bar and I was able to make the WOD mine.

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8 am Yoga cancelled today! Back to the normal schedule next week!

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Competitors Program Week 1, Day 5: 8 sets of the complex: Hang Clean + Clean @ 75-80% Clean 1RM (touch and go) -then- 3x3 Front Squats @ 80% 1RM -then- 5 rounds for time: 40 double unders 3 rope climbs 200m run -then- (Optional) 3 x 10-20 (unbroken) GHD sit-ups with a 4 count eccentric (lowering), and fast concentric. -Alternating with- 3 x 10-20 (unbroken) hip extensions with 3 count "superman" hold at the top

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