Farm Fresh Meat Vs Factory Processed: What you eat matters more than you think

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Nowadays almost everything is mass produced in some way shape of form. Cellphones are churned out everyday by the thousands and classic cars once assembled by hand are produced in a factory on a production line 24/7 like clockwork. The same goes for the food we eat. Today we see our food produced by large, factory style farms that seem to pump out an endless supply of meat and produce, be it chicken eggs, breakfast bacon or dairy products. Free range meat has become a minority at your local supermarket with factory farmed meat dominating shelf space. This mass production has lead to reduced prices and greater availability, but at what cost? We may be saving money buying into the factory farming process but this more convenient option is quite detrimental to our health.

Read on to see why the quality of the produce you eat matters and why you want to go for free range meat and produce over factory processed.

Factory processed animals diets are bad
Keeping production costs low is a big part of factory farming. This incentive to keep costs low means factory processed animals are fed with the absolute cheapest possible feed and grains. This particular feed is usually referred to as ‘by-product feedstuff’. Not a very descriptive name, so let me elaborate. This cheap feed is usually put together from a variety of different waste material and a lot less nutritious than the animals natural diet.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and by eating factory farmed produce we are unintentionally getting ourselves a serving of ‘feedstuff’ too. The bad diet of factory farm animals becomes our bad diet – having negative consequences on our health. With free range meat, we avoid these potentially negative consequences.

Bad diets cause sick animals – and people

Most farm animals are designed to eat what they would encounter in their natural environment. We’re talking plants and grasses and other natural sources of fibrous food. When these animals are exposed to the previously mentioned ‘feedstuffs’ and fed that instead of their natural diet they can develop a number of disorders and conditions that prove harmful for the animals.

Because many of these animals develop some form of sickness or abnormality from their bad diet, they are given chemical additives and antibiotics as well. This is to the reverse the damage caused by their horrible diet. Consuming meat from animals that have been subjected to these drugs and chemicals is a scary thought, with the effects on human health still unknown. With antibiotics being one of the most prevalent drugs given to factory farmed animals we must spare a thought for the effects this drug has on our own health. That’s why you want to steer clear of factory farms and go for free range meat from an ethical butchers.

Bad food and bad diets don’t create a nutritious product
You shouldn’t be surprised that factory farmed produce results in a meat and products devoid of their naturally occurring nutrition. Factory farmed, compared to free range meat, has significantly less nutritional benefits. Compared to free range meat from an ethical butchers you’ll end up with less beta-carotene, less vitamin E and very small amounts of the healthy fats, omega 3 and CLA. The result is inferior food with little benefits given by human consumption. Free range meat is the way to go.

As you can see, factory farmed & processed produce is bad news. Eating this kind of meat is more detrimental to your health than you might expect so it’s best to avoid it where possible. Stick to free range meat and produce supplied by an ethical butchers. If you want to learn more about ethical butchers and free range meat, or get your hands on some, head over to and talk to the team.

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