Finding Your Fit: Jeans for Crossfit Girls

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Strength and fitness do not equate to thin and slender. Certain physical regimes build up muscles, resulting in firm but bulky bodies. The bodies are healthy and strong, but may struggle to squeeze into standard-sized clothing. Women living in the Crossfit realm of exercise know this all too well.

When you’re a Crossfit lady looking for clothing, especially jeans, your booty can make things particularly tricky. The thighs and butt are too tight, but there is excess around the waist. Sound familiar? Other women have faced the same dilemma, and emerged victoriously. You may need to be ready to spend hours in the dressing room and shell out some extra dough, but your Crossfit butt really can find the perfect jeans.

There are comments about the “jean issue” right on CrossFit’s Facebook. “Thank you for making jeans skin tight on my thighs and super loose everywhere else,” it reads. So no, CrossFit ladies with ripped jeans, you are not alone.

Publications like Joy in the Day and CrossFit Journal Style provide personal testimonials: women struggling with hard-to-squeeze-in-denim tushies. They say the same thing: in order to find the right fit for you, you need to start trying out your options. Hitting the dressing room is the only way to know if anything fits, so what’s different about jeans? Other than, of course, that it may take you thirty or forty tries before you find ones that work…

The three women featured in CrossFit Journal’s “Fit for the Fittest” each had different bodies, and sought different styles and appearances. What they had in common, though, was that they all practiced CrossFit and found jeans to be tight everywhere but the waist — where they were much too big. They wanted to find pairs that showed off their hard-earned muscles, yet still fit and maintained their personal styles.

Despite the long searches they endured, they were able to find winners. The DL1961, Cindy, Slim Boot Cut (estimated $178), worked well for the woman in search of lower-rise boot-cut. Meanwhile, the two women seeking skinny jeans liked Hudson, Krista Super Skinny (estimated $189).

Jennifer Hudy, CrossFit athlete and blogger of Wine to Weightlifting, claims that CocaBang Jeans, which are designed with CrossFitters in mind, are the way to go. What Jennifer loves about these babies is that they stretch perfectly in all the right places, they’re American made and they leave her underwear hidden — even when she’s bending and sitting. Unfortunately, the CocaBang Jeans come with a price tag as well, and were originally retailed at $190 – about the same price. Another con is that these jeans are only sold online, making it hard to determine a good fit. On the plus side? Since their release, the price has gone down a bit and discounts are available.

For Joy — of “Joy in the Day” — a pair of LEVI’s Modern Rise Demi Curve jeans proved her savior. She didn’t even want to enter the store, but she walked out a new woman. Like Jennifer, Joy enthusiastically embraces the fact that she can now wear jeans and bend over without half her butt hanging out. There’s no denying her success. The key, as Joy realized, is to try on as many as you need to before finding your match. Hang in there. You’ll find them.

The takeaway, of course, is that no one pair is right for everybody, but that everyone has the opportunity to feel perfectly-fitting jeans — even CrossFit girls. You can order your weight set, cookware for clean eating and, now, even the jeans. Smile, CrossFit girls. You’re just a dressing room away from a strong, healthy and stylish — yet comfortable — future.

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