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Please enjoy more pictures from our Year of the Goat competition, take by Frankie, Cathy Dong’s Husband. Thank you Cathy & Frankie!

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“This workout is killing me. I’m not elite. I’m not even average. I am the everyday athlete struggling to get fit. I try my hardest and need to scale many workouts. I work out with everyone from the firebreather to the rookie and the vast majority of us that lie somewhere in between. I find inspiration in everyone.”

Why Every Athlete Should Participate in the Open

Well, it’s that time again. Open Season is here. For some, it came too quickly. For others, it can’t come quick enough. For those who are new to CrossFit, it’s important to give some background about The Open and why you should sign up. What’s ‘The Open?’ The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games …
Slow Cooker Smoked Ham

Slow Cooker Smoked Ham

Ger’s been so busy lately – 4th place Men’s Elite in the Orange County Throw Down, 2nd place Men’s Elite Team at Wodapalooza Miami 2015, and he and Cassie just got back from training in Miami. We are days from the Open and then he’ll be playing for the San Francisco Fire for the National...

Pineapple Pastured Paleo Pork

A fattier cut from a naturally raised animal is perfectly Paleo, not to mention delicious, from time to time! Make this at least a day ahead to experience the full decadence! [yumprint-recipe id=’142′]

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Meet Your Coach Contact!

Bad-Ass Mamas: How to CrossFit While Pregnant

by Alison L. McConnell CrossFitter. Mom-to-be. A glance around any established CrossFit box these days proves the terms aren’t mutually exclusive. Right there, in the middle of that scrum of women doing handstands? Throwing up a 150lb. jerk? Stepping up onto a 20-inch box? Yup. Pregnant athlete. There is more support …
Front Squat

Checking your ego at the door

Check your ego at the door. I’ve heard it a million times. Said it a million more. “Check your ego at the door!” Why? Because CrossFit has the unmatched ability to humble even the most accomplished athletes. Just ask Rich Froning, four-time Fittest Man on Earth. He is unquestionably the fittest person the …

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week39 day1

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

How many times have you (or someone near you) sacrificed the quality of your reps for a better score? Remember that slow can be fast in the long run.

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5 Health Symptoms You Must Always Talk to a Doctor About

There are often times when a person experiences a sudden or continued physical discomfort but ignores it as just some aberration due to weather changes or an injury that will heal on its own. Sometimes, the symptoms disappear with time but often they are an indication of a potential health threat lurking around the …

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Monday’s WOD: TIER 1 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 10 DB Walking Lunges 400m Run 20 DB Walking Lunges 200m Run 30 DB Walking Lunges TIER 2 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 12 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# 400m Run 24 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# 200m Run 36 DB Walking Lunges @ 45#/30# TIER 3 A. Front Squat 3 x 5 B. For Time: 800m Run 12 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# 400m Run 24 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# 200m Run 36 KB Walking Lunges @ 53#/35# For Part B, the lunges are done with one DB or KB in each hand.

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