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CrossFit Dojo posted on Facebook

Friday 7/31/15

20 Min E2MOM
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
1 Jerk
85% of clean and jerk max

–rest 5 min—

Max reps of dumbbell manmakers

CrossFit Rx posted an article

CrossFit Peachtree posted on Facebook

WOD for Friday, July 31st, is… A. Scapular development work B. On a 5 Min Clock for 25 Min 5 TNG Power Cleans (heavy as possible) 250m Row Sprint -Rest remainder of 5 min

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hour

If you are like most CrossFitters, you probably only have 60-90 minutes give or take a few, from the minute you walk in the door until the minute you leave. While some days may provide the luxury of allowing you to hang back for an extra half hour or so to chat with your fellow...

CrossFit South Cobb shared an image on Facebook

Do you enjoy Rowing? Rowing is one of the best ways to improve your maximal oxygen consumption or aerobic capacity. Rowing also allows you to keep your wits about you while breathing heavy. Over time you will find that your ability to keep moving during the workouts will improve and your rest times will decrease. Coach Dustin Gray, CFSC trainer and former Collegiate Varsity rower at Georgia State University will take you through this fun and challenging weekly rowing class. Email us at or call (404) 310-5332 to set up a time.

CrossFit Iconz posted on Facebook

We just love Thursday’s at ICONZ!!! 6:30 KB class and a lil Mo Yo at 7:30 to wind us down from a hectic week! See you tonight!

Carolina CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Rest Day. Open Gym. 330-7 PM. There will be no Barbell Club today. Come by the gym and work on a weakness. #TBT to one of CCFs open announcement parties. There might have been pizza involved.

CrossFit Rife posted on Facebook

Rife Reminders: *Rife will be closed Saturday August 1st *Please check lost and found bin by couches. It will be going to goodwill at the end of the week. *Don’t forget Thursday schedule: 3:00pm – last class for day 4:00-6:00pm – Competitors class 6:00pm – Yoga

CrossFit South Cobb shared an image on Facebook

Tracey Brown’s story with CFSC I knew about CrossFit, but was always too afraid to try it out, thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it. But after years of wasting money, paying for a gym membership, never going and finally getting sick & tired of being sick & tired, I decided to stop being a wuss and try it out, after also taking up running. That was October 2013 and I’ve been addicted ever since! What I love most about CFSC are the people! This community is truly a community in every sense of the word! And the coaches are freakin’ AMAZING with a sincere approach and true commitment to helping each member reach full potential. While I have become a CrossFit addict, there are some workouts that I completely hate and that would include any WOD involving Burpees, Wall Balls & Thrusters! But what’s hilarious, is that even though I hate doing them, I never regret the workout. My fave workout is anything that includes ab work, Squats, Box Jumps and Cleans, especially working on my form/technique during Barbell Club. I LOVE my CrossFit family! We are proud of you Tracey!

CrossFit Rubicon shared an image on Facebook

When someone like @tonyblauer wears your T-shirt you are going to repost it… :-) #Repost @tonyblauer ・・・ When you’re a competitor there’s only one spot you fight for and that proved to be true even for a CrossFit Defense demo. I had to pull these guys off each other during the headlock defense drill we did for @crossfittraining #spearsystem #beyourownbodyguard

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