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The Intended Stimulus of Your WOD

CrossFit works. All around the world, people are losing weight, getting stronger, and living better lives because of CrossFit. But how does CrossFit work? What makes it special compared to other fitness regimens? Here’s CrossFit’s definition of fitness, which may sound like nonsense to the layman: “Increased work …

Central Oregon CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

Don’t forget to get your kiddos signed up! This is going to be a blast and is programmed by our very own certified CrossFit Kids coach Merinda Parazoo!

Bridgetown CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Olympic Weightlifting Program Bridgetown Barbell Club Week 14 Day 3 Clean and Jerk (% Jerk) 55/2+1 65/2+1 70/2+1 75/2+1 80/2+1 84/2+1 78/ 2x 1+2 Clean Deadlift (% Clean) 85/5 90/4 95/3 100/2 105/3×2 95/2×5 Power Clean + Clean Pull 70/2+3 75/4x 1+2 RDL (%Clean) 80/8 90/6 95/4 100/3×3

Bridgetown CrossFit posted an article

CrossFit Prineville shared an image on Facebook

Great morning for a track session with these rock stars!!!! #comptraining #crossfit #sprints #stairs

CrossFit the Den posted on Facebook

Sorry for the late notice!!! Our normal child care tomorrow Wednesday 6/29 will be cancelled sorry for the late notice.

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Newberg CrossFit Rebuilt posted on Facebook

Tick-tock-tick-tock 10 days until The Battle In The Berg registration deadline. Only a few spots are left. Visit our events page and sign up today!

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6/29/16 Wolfpack members Vicki Harris and Bonnie Martin completing the Pacific crest Tri, Congrats ladies. Strength Bench Press Establish a 1RM Conditioning 7 min AMRAP Ring Dips *Every time you drop off the rings 15 cal row L1 Strict Ring Dips L2 Kipping L3 RIng Push-ups Slap me in the FACE!

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