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Ballston CrossFit shared an image on Facebook

BCF, I am VERY excited to announce that Mary Scott Bogacz is joining the BCF team as the box Manager and Coach! She brings an excellent skills set for both roles as well as incredible enthusiasm for helping people improve their fitness! She will be starting on Sept 8th, please extend a warm welcome when you see her at the box!! Bio is below. ============================= I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley where I spent most of my time outdoors, typically barefoot. I naturally don’t like to sit still so I’ve always been active in a sport or hobby. Growing up we went hiking, 4-wheeling or hunting and I joined various sports such as dance, gymnastics, soccer, and swim team. However, what I loved most was horseback riding. Starting at the age of nine I was up early mucking out the stable (and smelling like it), training horses, and driving to competitions. By the age of 13 I was riding on the A-Level Jumper circuit. When I left home for college at CNU (aka the greatest college in the world!) I lost a bit of my country lifestyle but my love of competition and sport drove me to MMA. From 2008-2010 my off time was spent on the mat, in the cage, or lifting heavy things. Through MMA I found CrossFit, and it was love at first deadlift. It was the first time I picked up a barbell and it was the first time I was having fun while working out. Workouts became an event to share with friends versus another lonely session at the gym. Nothing has ever left me so sore and coming back for more with almost instant fitness results. Through it all, my MMA coach was there to encourage and challenge me, he believed in me before I believed in myself. After college I worked in the business industry until getting married in 2014. I then moved to DC with my husband who told me I could do any job I wanted. Inspired by the impact my MMA Coach had on my life and missing the fitness I had accomplished through CrossFit it was an obvious choice to become a coach myself. After getting my L1 certification I started coaching at Balance Gym then later at Hierarchy. It’s my passion to introduce beginner athletes to CrossFit and help them obtain their fitness goals. People are capable of much more than they believe and CrossFit has a way of helping them realize that. CrossFit brings together a community of people that celebrate every caliber of accomplishment and supports eachother to push harder. Every athlete eventually finds their inner grit and contiually sets new Personal Records. I’m looking forward to helping you find yours :). CrossFit Level 1 Trainer CrossFit Level 2 Trainer USAW Sports Performance Coach Coaches Academy with Olympian Cara Heads Slaughter

Ballston CrossFit posted on Facebook

BCF Members, who is excited about the Summer BBQ and AM vs. PM Throwdown this weekend? WODs have been released! Competition starts at 4:30pm on Saturday at CrossFit Route 7! WODs for this weekend (all athletes will compete in 3 WODs)! WOD 1 “The Chipper” WOD 2a “The Thruster” WOD 2b “Thropes and a sled” WOD 3: “Meet me at the Bar”

CrossFit Old Town shared a link on Facebook

CrossFit Old Town – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Metcon (Time) 15 MU/30 Dips (every break run 200m) 4rds Run 400m 20 Box Jump 15 KB Swing 10 HSPU Cash Out 10 MU/20 Dips (every break is 200m run)

CrossFit Rosslyn shared a link on Facebook

WOD Backsquat 4-4-4-3-3 then 3+ at 70% of the last set of 3* *+ = max reps that you can manage with that weight. (Leave one or two in the chamber. Not until failure!) 4 RFT of: 20 AbMat Sit-ups 40 Air Squats 5 HSPU (L2: w/pad, L3: 10 Pike Presses) 1 Lap Run

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CrossFit Shadyside posted on Facebook

Wednesday: 8.24.16 Crossfit WOD Warm up: 800m run Barbell 15 minutes, Clean Complex: 3 lift offs + 1 clean + 1 jerk Make 1 attempt at each of the following: Max set of pistols on your left leg. Max set of pistols on your right leg. Max set of left-arm KB snatches (touch-and-go). Max set of right-arm KB snatches (touch-and-go). For time: 100 burpees (cap @ 10)

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