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The Secret to Getting Better at CrossFit

This entire post is written to explain a very fundamental concept (and also to post some of the awesome shots that Super Cleary Photo took at our comp last weekend): to get better at CrossFit, you have to…CrossFit. That means showing up. That means practicing skills. Seems obvious, right? But I’m always …

Is going RX hurting your goals?

There are quite a few articles out there that discuss the relativity of RXing workouts, why RX doesn’t matter, and how trying to go RX can ultimately lead to greater chances of injury. In a nutshell: RX for a workout is a BROAD based guideline for performance that doesn’t take into consideration your current …

Does Crossfit Help or Hurt a Woman’s Body Image?

When I started Crossfit I was damaged, although I didn’t realize to what extent.   As a young girl, the first person who taught me how to feel about my body was my mom. I watched her, as she got ready. How she cursed her belly. Even when she didn’t speak, her inner dialogue about her...

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WOD for Monday, November 24th, is… A1. 5×3 Paused Front Squats (3sec in the bottom) – Work up to 3RM Rest 60sec A2. 5×5 Strict Pullups + ME kipping C2B (do 5 strict pullups then right into max effort kipping C2B pullups, athletes can drop for no more than 5sec between the strict and kipping. To scale they can do 3 strict pullups and regular kipping) Rest 60sec B. For Time 3 Rounds 400m Run 21 KB Swings 70/53 12 Ring Dips C. Core (On Own Time) 3 Rounds 1min Weighted Plank 30 Barbell Side Bends (15 each side – light weight) 30 Strict Abmat situps (arms behind the neck or down by their side) *Holiday Schedule this week* Closed Thursday Friday Open Gym 1 – 4 Sat and Sun normal schedule.

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#Repost @bicepslikebriggs with @repostapp.・・・Delayed flights, missed connections and an unexpected night in Dallas are no reason not to train … @dannyxsoul told me I had to hit 90% of my lifts so that’s exactly what I did #latenightlifting #teamsoul #teamPRGNX #CrossFit #crossfitgirls @crossfit @progenex @reebokfitness @roguefitness @purepharma #roadto2015

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Team Soul always doing big things! @dannyxsoul and @adri_galera in Mexico City for Crossfit Weightlifting and @soulsean holding it down at homebase for the Crossfit Gymnastics! #teamSOUL #Crossfit

CrossFit Peachtree shared an image on Facebook

Great job to Jess, Christine, Kaley, Meagan, Erin and Maxi for competing in Superfit in Charlotte, NC! This weekend!!!! And a very special thank you to Kyle Moore for traveling with them to cheer them on and represent CFPT!!!!

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