Free Money: Fitness Through a Financial Lens

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Free Money: Fitness Through a Financial Lens

My hope is to endure an experientially rich life with a level of fitness that transcends the gym and health that transcends our healthcare system.
The title says it all for this article. Fitness and health are free money. They’re out there for you to take, and all you need to do is have the discipline to grab them. I often tell clients and patients that the more physically capable you are, the more opportunity you have to enjoy life at a higher level. Much like the more money you have, the more opportunity you have to enjoy certain things in life that you couldn’t if you had less money. The more your body can adapt to its surroundings, the more interesting you can make your surroundings. The bottom line is that people who develop themselves physically open themselves up to a world of possibilities and experiences.

However, there is more to this article than just the motivational component to obtaining fitness. This article is also meant to provoke thought and action in creating a sustainable, long-lasting revenue stream of health and fitness.

My Life Change

My Life Change
Fitness has transformed my life, re-shaping me physically, mentally, and emotionally, and it continues to do so as I continue to expand my landscape. Fitness – specifically CrossFit — has put me in races that I never thought I would run; taken me to summits of mountains that I never thought I’d see, on top of rocks I never thought I could climb, surfing waves I never thought that I could surf; and helped me take on so many other physical challenges that would have never been possible without the time I have spent in the gym.

However, that’s only one side of the coin of impact that fitness and health has had on my life. Fitness has also connected me with people whom I never would have known and opened my eyes to a community that has sustained me.

The physical and mental pain has armed me with compassion. The moments of intense fatigue have given me the energy to smile confidently when my former self would sink in defeat. Learning new skills and being crushed by workouts has granted me humility, self-awareness, and the ability to solve problems in the face of duress.
The moments of silence after a brutal workout have introduced me to self-reflection and introspection. Most of all, my experiences of self-conflict during challenging workouts have eliminated a fear of adversity from my life.

The riches of sustaining a fit and healthy life are many.

Since early 2008, I have trained and coached in CrossFit. I have cashed in on many of the gifts that fitness and a health-centric lifestyle can bring. My personal mission, and the aim of this article, is to create sustainability to this lifestyle — or “fitness financial plan,” if you will. My hope is to endure an experientially rich life with a level of fitness that transcends the gym and health that transcends our healthcare system. I hope the next few paragraphs can allow you a different vantage point from which you can view your own journey through life and fitness.

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