Gearing Up: How to Have a Well-Equipped Triathalon

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When you participate in a triathlon, it’s serious business. You’re not just doing one sport or activity. You’re doing three – biking, running, and swimming. You need to have excellent conditioning, excellent hydration, and the right gear. Being properly prepared could cut your speed and improve your performance, thus making things a bit easier for you on the course. But, it could also save your life.

Make a Checklist

Most triathletes need a lot of gear – more than they think they need. First of all, you should train with the appropriate equipment like the right bike, a hydration pack, and have plenty of high-density food like trail mix, butter (yes, butter – it’s high calories and is loaded with fat-soluble vitamins), electrolyte drinks, and high protein bars or even jerky.

Make a checklist of all of the things you need for your competition. Don’t stop with food though. Make a list of all of the equipment you’ll need like what type of bike you should be training on, what type of sneakers you should run it, and what type of swimming gear you’ll need (i.e. goggles, wetsuit, etc.).

Finally, include things like sunscreen, chapstick, and sunglasses. All of these items are easy to forget, but you’ll be sorry if you do.

Get The Right Clothing

The right clothing can make all the difference. Now days, online stores like will stock most of what you need.

Basically, get yourself a good pair of snug shorts for cycling. Consider compression socks too as well as arm sleeves. A wetsuit for swimming, a helmet, goggles, and a hat (for running in sunny weather) are all important items of clothing. Try to get the best pair of sunglasses you can afford. This will be very important if it’s sunny during the biking or running portion of the event.

Even if it’s not, a good pair of blue blockers can help “light up” the road surface and make it easier to see. A hydration pack is another important piece of gear that many people overlook. basically, you should plan on buying a hydration pack that allows you to go the longest distance between refills yet won’t compromise performance due to the added weight.

For example, a 1 liter reservoir will weight about 2 pounds, but provide roughly an hour’s worth of water. Most hydration packs can be scaled up to 3 liters, but they add an additional 6 pounds on your back. Is this worth it? It might be, especially if you’ll be running or biking in areas where there are long intervals between refill stations.

Have a Plan For Transition

Have a plan for transitioning between events. Where will you put your clothing when you’re finished with the biking portion of the event? Where will you stash your bike so that it’s safe? How will you change into your swimming gear? Where will you do it? If you map everything out before the race starts, all you have to focus on is getting to the next leg.

Linda Darby is a Triathlon enthusiast. She enjoys blogging about the active lifestyle and how to achieve big fitness goals.

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