Getting Back on Track With CrossFit Resolutions That Tanked

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By the time January is over, many people – some sources say up to 64% – have abandoned their fitness resolutions for the year. Unfortunately, rather than looking for a way to recharge themselves, they simply decide to shelve them for another 11 months. If that’s a description of what you’re going through, we have one word for you: “Stop!”
It’s not difficult to get back on track with your fitness goals. It just takes a little bit of re-evaluation… and a lot of forgiveness. Of course, the latter can be hard to swallow. Too many individuals can’t seem to find it in their hearts to let themselves feel like they have “failed”. This is especially true of men and women who tend to be uber-competitive anyway. Before moving forward, they have to make a commitment to allow for setbacks and simply see them as stepping stones, not unconquerable brick walls.

Just let everything go, and then start to look for signs of what went awry.

For example, you may want to put together a list of when and why your fitness resolutions stopped being a priority. In doing so, you may find that:

• You started on a new health routine after a week, but abandoned it when a major change happened in your home or work life (e.g., the kids started back into school, you were assigned a huge project, you discovered that your mom needed help with transportation to and from medical appointments.)
• You never really began your fitness goals to begin with, beyond dabbling here and there for a couple of days.
• You weren’t serious about the resolutions, and you kind of thought you’d tank on them.
• You became physically injured or sick and didn’t rehab properly after the incident.

This objective evaluation isn’t meant to make you feel like you’ve lost the battle. It’s meant to ferret out the underlying causes to why your fitness resolutions never really got off the ground.

After writing down your bullet points, look through each one and see if there might be other causes to why you abandoned your new fitness regimen and didn’t look back.

As you explore other realities of this issue, examine that the following might have been contributing factors to why you couldn’t really sustain your new fitness goals:
• Your fitness goals were far too unattainable or unrealistic for your current lifestyle, physical health, situation, etc.
• You never really were serious about undertaking the fitness resolutions you set for yourself.
• You dove too quickly into a new WOD and didn’t give yourself any time to acclimate to it.

At this point, you’re starting to get to the heart of the matter, which is a huge step toward getting back to your resolutions.

As you’ve drilled down deeper, you’ve no doubt noticed some patterns. This is the point where it’s key for you to put together new resolutions that are:
• More genuine than your original ones.
• More practical than the ones you wrote before January 1.
• More physically manageable given your circumstances.

Going forward, you can use these new fitness goals as your guidelines and throw away the older ones.

Now that you have different “marching orders,” you can go full-steam ahead with your fitness. Of course, if you find that you still cannot seem to stick with them, you may want to go through the re-evaluation process again. That’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You may actually have to do a personal “check in” on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

There’s no magic involved here, and there’s no one to cry “foul” if you backpedal or mix it up when it comes to resolutions. They’re your objectives, after all, and no one else’s, so make sure they fit your needs and wants to a “T”.

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