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Are you looking for a fun way to help you get fit? Are you looking to start CrossFit? If so, check out BrickFit. BrickFit is a gym that uses all of the latest CrossFit techniques to help you get fit in an encouraging environment.


Programs Offered
BrickFit offers many different programs you can sign up for. If you’re a first time gym member and trying to see if this is right for you, you can check out Brick Academy. This is a way for people to get acquainted with CrossFit.
There’s also the B/X program. This is a high-intensity workout that includes you using bodyweight techniques and repetition movements to help you gain and tone muscles.

The CrossFit program offers many different exercising techniques to help get you fit. You can weightlift, do gymnastics, and complete endurance training to not only help you gain physical strength, but mental strength as well.
RUN/ Endurance is another program you can try out. This program includes running techniques to help you stay fit. These include sprinting, endurance, and agility training.

The Barbell Club will teach and help you with Olympic weightlifting. You’ll learn the proper movements of how to do a successful Olympic weightlift to help you gain more muscle.

The other program offered at BrickFit is a Cardio Kickboxing one. You’ll work with doing punches and kicks to help you gain muscle. This program is great for all training levels so even beginners can try this one out without problems.

Class Schedules
BrickFit offers over 130 weekly classes and has a helpful schedule you can use to know when classes are happening. You can scroll through their schedule to see the classes available and enroll in ones you find interesting.

BrickFit offers many different pricing packages you can choose from. However, look carefully at the pricing as sometimes you won’t be able to enroll in certain classes without having prior CrossFit experience.

This package has options such as annual and month-to-month flexible. You can choose the membership price that’s most ideal for you.

Pre-Paid Membership
This includes 3 packages: 1 Year Unlimited, 6 Months Unlimited, and 3 Months Unlimited.

Regular Classes
Don’t want to pay for a membership? That’s fine. BrickFit offers some regular class prices you can choose from. You can choose and pay for 50 classes, 10 classes, 5 classes, or 1 class.

All of these packages come with various features depending on the one you decide to buy. Be sure to check their unique features so you find the package that’s right for you.

Other Services
Besides having some of the top coaches and gym equipment available for you to use, BrickFit also has shower rooms, fresh towels, large parking lots, and free Wi-Fi that you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for one of the top CrossFit Los Angeles gym companies or one that can help give you encouragement and motivation as you works out, BrickFit is something you want to check out. They offer many classes and programs to help make exercising enjoyable.

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