When to Gift Your Child a New Pair of Shoes

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As a parent, you may often think whether your child needs a new pair of shoes or not. This is one of the most frequently asked questions among the parents as no one wants to compromise at all when it comes to their child. Before finding an answer to this question, it is very important for you to understand that during the initial days; your child may not be able to express his/her pain because of the tight fitting shoes. So, you have to be extra conscious and keep a check on their shoes.


Make sure your child is not wearing a shoe that has worn out or does not fit in his/her feet properly. Moreover, it is also important to ensure that your child is wearing high quality shoes. In case any of these incidents take place, then it will be the right time to replace the old pair of shoes with the new one for your child.

It is an old saying that shoes make the overall attire complete, but when it comes to shopping for children’s shoes, there are various things that you need to consider. When choosing and buying shoes for your kid only selecting shoes that matches his/her outfit will not work. You actually need to get a pair of shoes while keeping in mind the feet size of your child to provide ultimate comfort.
Below given are a few ways to help you out in deciding the right time to buy a new pair of shoes for your children.

Check Wear and Tear Signs

Inspecting the wear and tear of your shoes from outside is one of the simple ways of identifying whether or not you need a new pair of shoes or not. Apart from looking at the holes or spots that might get over the shoes, it is also important to pay attention to the thread on the bottom of the shoes. This is because when the thread of your shoes start becoming thin and there is no grip, it is a time to buy new shoes for your kid otherwise he/she may slip due to no grip. However, it is advisable to buy the branded Clarks shoes for child that are highly comfortable and made of quality raw material.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Walk

Pay attention when your child walks and observe it closely. This way, you can easily judge the foot issues, if any. If you find that your child cannot walk properly after wearing the shoes, you need to actually gift him/her a new pair of shoes. It may be possible that your child’s shoes are getting tight and causing difficultly to walk properly.

Check Red Marks or Blisters on Your Child’s Feet

Another important thing to determine whether your children need a new pair of shoes or not is to check their feet carefully. In case you find any blisters or red marks on their feet because of the shoes, then get one size bigger shoe from the current size. Generally, such marks appear on the toes of heel because of the small size of the tight shoes. So, as soon as you notice any mark, immediately remove the shoes and purchase a new and branded Clarks shoes for your child.

In addition to these points, you do not need any occasion for gifting a new pair of good shoes to your child. Make it a routine to keep gifting new shoes to your kid after some time so that he/she do not face any pain or problem while walking or running and always remain happy.

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