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by Jan Dayleg, Head Coach, CrossFit 5 Triple 9

Recently I came across a coach by the name of Kelly Starrett (if you don’t know this name by now, you might be living under a rock.) talking about how he finds inspiration to become a better coach and athlete. “You want to get inspired? Go suck at something.” This hit me, because sometimes I have an extremely profound thought that I can’t verbalize, and every so often someone just gets it.

If you want to get inspired to become better, go find something you are uncomfortable doing. This may not necessarily be something that just sucks (Burpees, anyone?), but also something that is just plain hard to do, like a muscle-up, handstand, double-under, etc. In CrossFit, we try to expose you to as many different stimuli as possible, through combining functional movements with high intensity in various patterns. Every now and then, whether you walk into your gym and check the whiteboard, or view the WOD through your gym’s website, you are bound to come across a combination of movements or even a single movement that makes your stomach turn. That feeling you’re getting is a test. You pass if you come to class and dive in head first. You fail if you surrender to the movement and accept that it is something you are not fond of.

Let that sink in.

To take this even further, this applies to the journey, the weeks, months, and years you spend in the box, workout to workout, WOD to WOD. Some weeks you will see a disgusting amount of thrusters. Some weeks we’ll run our shoes off every day. Some weeks we’ll see the wall ball or the burpee more times than we’d like to. It’s all small parts to a greater whole. The more time you spend in the “suck” zone, the better you will come out in the end. The more comfortable you become being uncomfortable, the better you will come out in the end.


Think of a cliff. When you’re on a cliff, you have the edge, the rest of the cliff, and the outstanding view in front of you. Let’s say that the more you can enjoy the view, the more the progress and results are coming. Where you are on the cliff is parallel to how “uncomfortable” you are, because let’s be honest, standing at the edge of a cliff is scary as sh*t. Obviously, the best view is from the edge of the cliff. So in summation, get to the edge and enjoy that view! Don’t hang back in safety, and definitely don’t fall off.

What’s the major take away from all of this? Embrace the suck, in every form it’s thrown at you.

I promise, you’ll be better for it.

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