GPTV Behind the Scenes Vol.1

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GPTV Behind the Scenes Vol.1
Things have been a bit hectic at Tabata Times as of late, mainly due to our latest joint-venture with renowned fitness gurus Kelly Starrett and Brian Mackenzie – aptly named Genetic Potential TV. We’ve managed to keep things relatively quiet over the past weeks during our initial filming and production, but today we are offering a behind the scenes glimpse into the making of the first episode of GPTV!

What is GPTV, exactly?? Let’s have the talent themselves break down just what purpose Genetic Potential TV is aiming to serve:

Genetic Potential – What is it and how do we go about understanding it, tending to it and ultimately unleashing it? What is the reach, the scope and the depth of our inherent athletic capacity, and how do we develop it? How far will hard work get us? And how smart does that work have to be?
Where are the limits and what are the limits made of? How far can we go, how fast, how strong and how high? And what parts are played by strength of character, the power of the mind and resilience of the spirit? 
These are the essential questions to be asked and answered by Kelly Starrett and Brian MacKenzie on the Genetic Potential TV show.
We invite you to join us on the journey.

Stay tuned next week for volume 2 of the behind the scenes images on the set of Genetic Potential TV…trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

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