Is the Gym Your Therapy?

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We choose the box to fight the frustrations of life. We choose the box as the place to sweat our troubles away.
We all have good days, and we all have bad days — that’s just the ebb and flow of life. Whether it is related to work, family,  relationships, or money, we can constantly find ourselves in a stressful frame of mind. So how do we handle this? Some eat, some drink, some shop, some cry, some scream. We lift. We run. We head straight for the box. Everyone has heard by now that exercise releases those lovely endorphins that make us happy. We feel better after a workout session. Usually after you catch your breath, of course, the happiness comes. A lot of us use the gym as our therapist and seek the action and feeling we get in the box. That release of endorphins beckons to us throughout our really awful day. It calls to us. It shows us the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are three easy ways to tell if you are using CrossFit as your therapist.

1. Nothing makes you feel as good as throwing heavy weight around.

Nothing makes you feel as good as throwing heavy weight around.
If you are like me, you have walked in the gym angry, in search of a steel bar and some rubber bumper plates. There is no cure for frustration like that of picking up heavy weight — whatever that number may be for you — and hearing that satisfying clang as it crashes to the ground after a completed lift. It just feels good. Instead of punching people in the face (joking, of course), you pick up the bar, execute a lift, and gratifyingly drop the weight (from no higher than hip level, of course). It soothes the soul. It allows the frustration to fall to the floor with the weights. Soon, you find that the anger is falling away, and those lovely endorphins are creeping in. Ahhh, therapy.

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