Hair Loss Solutions for Women

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Although it is more common in men, women can experience hair loss in much the same way. While they may not experience baldness as many men do, women’s hair can become noticeably thinner. Fortunately, there are many ways that women can resolve their hair loss problems.

Causes of Hair Loss
The causes of hair loss for women are much the same as they are for men, with genetics being one of the primary reasons for thinning hair. If your mother or grandmother had female pattern baldness, then you’re more likely to inherit it from them. After heredity, another reason many women experience hair loss is due to aging.

As women get older, their hair doesn’t grow back as quickly as it did before they underwent menopause. In addition, some medical conditions will prevent hair from growing normally or cause hair to fall out. Hair loss is often one of the first noticeable symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, and diabetics can have issues with their hair thinning because high blood sugar levels inhibit blood circulation so follicles don’t receive the nutrition they need and hair starts falling out.

Hair Loss Solutions
Women with hair loss issues can do many things to hide their thinning hair. A temporary solution is to use volumising shampoos to make hair appear fuller. There are many shampoo companies that make volumising shampoos and they are available over-the-counter in most pharmacies, salons, and anywhere else shampoos are sold.

Hair can be styled so its thinning is camouflaged or a wig can be worn if a woman feels as if her hair is too thin and finds it embarrassing. For a more permanent solution, hair extensions can be added but it is important to find someone who is experienced in putting them in properly as hair can be easily damaged. Another method is to have hair follicles transplanted from areas on the head where hair grows in thickly to places where it is noticeably thinner.
If a woman doesn’t wish to undergo surgery, another non-invasive technique for female hair loss incorporates hair extensions with a mesh scalp covering carefully applied to the head. Your real hair is woven through the mesh and then other human hair is also applied to it. It is done in small sections to imitate natural growth patterns so thin hair becomes thicker and fuller.

Normally Style Hair
Once this technique has been applied, a stylist will cut and style your hair in any way you choose. He or she will also instruct you on how to care for the hair to prevent damage to it. It can be washed, dried, and styled just like you would your natural hair, either at home or at the salon.

If you are noticing signs of thinning hair due to aging or have a medical condition causing hair loss, there are many ways that you can either disguise it or find more permanent solutions for thinning hair. Hair extensions with scalp mesh are a good solution for women who want thicker, fuller hair without undergoing surgery.

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