Handstand Walking: A Progression That Actually Works

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Step 1: Nose-to-wall Handstand Holds

Step 1: Nose-to-wall Handstand Holds

Yes, nose-to-wall. This is different than the traditional HSPU hold with outward-facing body position.

When you climb up (this is called a “wall walk”), try holding a handstand where only your nose and your toes are touching the wall. This will naturally keep you in a stronger hollow body position and it will allow you to support weight in your stable shoulders and not on the wall.


  • Tight Core
  • Feet together and pointed
  • Nose touching the wall (forces you to keep head neutral)

Try to accumulate 30 seconds+ unbroken holding this position. Remember to breathe! I like to program these in my warm-ups on a regular basis.

Step 2: Shoulder Taps

When handstand walking you don’t actually have two hands evenly planted on the ground. Instead, your weight is constantly shifting from one arm to the next as you move forward.

It’s just like standing vs. walking (on your feet). Sure, standing is great, but when you walk you are shifting weight from one leg to the next.

The shoulder tap drill allows you to practice this weight shifting in a controlled environment. You are learning how to shift weight from one arm to the next while also maintaining strong shoulders (and balance!).


  • Start by shifting your weight and lifting one hand off the ground very slightly. No need to reach all the way to your shoulder immediately. As you get comfortable you’ll be able to lift your hands higher and higher. Try to transfer from one hand to the next smoothly with no pauses.

Learn how to consistently string together 15-20 unbroken shoulder taps before moving on to the next progression. I love to throw these into an EMOM.

ex. EMOM 8 minutes:
1 “Wall Walk” (walk up into the nose-to-wall hold)
16 Shoulder taps

Step 3: Hip Touches

This is pretty much the same thing as shoulder taps, except you are demonstrating an extreme level of control and precision! You are isolated on one hand for a much longer time which teaches you how to maintain body control upside-down.


  • Really focus on keeping your core tight! It is very easy to lose hollow position and fall to the floor if you don’t keep a tight core.

Once you can string together 10+ of these in a row, you will be ready to kick some serious butt!

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