Handstand Walking: A Progression That Actually Works

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Step 4: Off-Wall Handstand Holds

Step 4: Off-Wall Handstand Holds

Now that you have established lateral (side to side) balance, it’s time to work on vertical balance (staying upright).

In this step, you simply use your feet to kick away from the wall in order to hold a handstand. The best part is that the wall will give you a “safety net” for your feet to come back down. Practice holding for a few seconds at a time and slowly increase.

*NOTE: When you first try this, find a spotter to make sure you don’t fall forward. Otherwise this can get ugly and turn into some really awkward forward rolls. :)


  • Start with your hands slightly farther away from the wall so that they can stay in place for the off-wall hold.

Step 5: Walk-aways

This is where it all comes together! Kick your feet off of the wall and allow yourself to be “pulled” forward by your body tipping past 90 degrees. Don’t over-reach your steps. Feel your balance slightly falling forward and then follow that by walking your hands forward to keep up.


  • Take short, choppy steps instead of long reaching steps. These short steps will help you keep your balance and move forward without falling.
  • Keep your feet together and SQUEEZE your butt. This glute activation will help your body stay rigid. If you are loose, you’ll come crumbling to the ground.

Step 6: Try it!

After getting the hang of walk-aways, you are ready to “go RX’d”! Get out there and try some handstand walks! Don’t be afraid to practice all of these progressions on a regular basis to keep your skills sharp.

I hope that you apply this simple progression to your training right away. If you do, you will see major progress. Sooner or later you’ll be handstand walking through your house, gym, and local grocery store (yep, I’m guilty).

The best way to practice is with a friend, so make sure you share this article with someone with whom you are going to practice.

Last but not least, feel free to leave a comment with any questions. I am happy to help and can’t wait to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Ben Dziwulski

(If you want more free coaching and accountability from me, click that link!)

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