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There are a lot of health ailments that prevail these days due to lifestyle changes. Lifestyles have changed but for the worse. People have grown up towards westernization risking their health. They believe in taking ready to eat foods that have very low nutritional value and prefer junk on weekends that has adverse side effects on health. Besides this, they consider it a waste of time to go for health checkups. Till they are diagnosed with any health ailment, they won’t go for any checkup. This makes the situation even more worse. Therefore full body checkup every 6months to 1 year should be made compulsory by the government.

This will not only save the lives of individuals but will also upgrade the Indian society health conditions as a whole. The children and old age people who have weaker immune system are more prone to get various diseases, thus preventive health checkups ought to be encouraged in this age group. Moreover the women should be screened for breast cancer after 30 years of age. Post menopausal women are more prone to get osteoarthritis and other joint problems. They ought to be screened for possible health ailments. The females in pregnancy period should also undergo regular health checkups.

Undergoing regular health checkups mean that you can prevent yourself from serious health problems and able to predict any such problems in the earlier stage. Making sure that you have all the information you require to understand your health matters is paramount. Periodic health checks can help you, learn about different options available to you for example contraception, how to get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases, how to get your partner tested for STIs and how to check for STI’s plus much more. Other one is the Master health checkup which is generally suitable for the people those who are in the age of 40 to 60. This is because people of this age need proper and regular screening for their health. Through this type of health checkups, one can identify the incidence or presence of diseases in the body and can take correct treatment for that. It helps an individual to know the current condition. This besides letting the individual know about his/her health condition also provides as the diagnostic tool and leads to advances in health care setup. This is very necessary for the health care system, health care team as well as the general public.

Also, after taking the suggested tests you have to consult with your GP about the test results. The doctor will explain you about your health condition and give you the needed prescription. Similarly, you will come to know about any issues if you have and further actions. You can come to know about all these things only with the help of preventive health checkups. Often people never know when they have contracted a particular disease, virus, bug etc. However, with the help of regular health checkups you can identify and address any issue that otherwise might have gone undiagnosed by you.

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