A CrossFitter’s Holiday Survival Guide: Part 2

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In case you missed it, please read — or re-read — Part 1 of this survival guide. We’ll give you a few minutes…

Now that we are all on the same page, let us address two more key aspects of surviving the holidays sans extra weight and sans unnecessary guilt: alcohol and WODs that don’t require a box.

Holiday Parties, Alcohol, and You

Alcohol is a fun and important part of socializing during the holidays. There is no reason that you need to shy away completely from the cocktail table or bar when you go out to celebrate the season. However, you can have a good game plan in place ahead of time. Larry Palazzolo of CrossFit Delaware Valley shares his tips:

Keep it to 2 drinks at the most.

If you’re going to toss a couple back, do yourself a favor and mitigate your chances of a hangover by choosing alcohol with the lowest amount of toxins.
Trust me, 2 drinks is plenty. Alcohol isn’t inherently evil and you don’t need to beat yourself up over the empty calories and carbs. The problem here is that too many drinks leads to stupid decisions like chicken fingers, fries, and an entire large pizza. Everyone has that breaking point when the night takes a turn and your mindset switches over to F*ck It Mode. You figure, “I’ve already had 3 drinks what’s 1 more?” Or, “I’ve already had 8 cookies, what’s 8 more?” The drinks weren’t the bad part, it was the 3000 calorie surplus of sugar and shit you just inhaled and don’t even remember.

If you’re going to toss a couple back, do yourself a favor and mitigate your chances of a hangover by choosing alcohol with the lowest amount of toxins.

In terms of toxins, the best to worst alcohol choices are as follows: Vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, other distilled spirits, champagne, dry white wine, white wines, red wines, dessert wines, beer.

Increase the mileage of your adult beverage.
Here’s a trick I learned from Roger Sterling. Have your classy drink of choice on the rocks (it’s cold out; have a Scotch). Drink half of it slowly, wait for the ice to melt, and then drink the rest. It’s like having two drinks in one. Don’t like the taste of hard alcohol? Welcome to adulthood, where you drink real drinks.

Undercover teetotaler
If you’re someone who doesn’t drink, or who is making a conscious effort to not imbibe, here’s a trick to blend in without feeling left out: A glass of club soda (or seltzer) with a slice of lemon, lime or orange looks the same as any vodka- or gin-mixed drink. Walk around with that in your hand and no one will be the wiser.

To eat, drink, and be merry is to live well, and yes you can do so without over-eating or over-drinking… so read all five of his holiday survival tips here.

Keeping Up With Your WODS

No excuses: You do not need more than a little space and 20 minutes to do a WOD while on the road or if stuck at home.
Depending on how much you are traveling during this season, how many friends, loved ones, and family members you may be hosting at your own house, and what the weather conditions may be, it can become difficult to keep heading out to the gym or searching for a local box for a drop-in WOD. Never fear — in addition to our ideas from “CrossFit While Traveling,” CrossFit Kindred has another list of excellent 20-minute no-equipment-needed WODs in their holiday guide. Here are just a few to get you started:

Workout: 400 Walking Lunges.

Breakdown: Use a stopwatch or some way to time yourself. Manage your work to finish as quickly, and with as good form, as possible. Remember to keep your shoulders above your hips when lunging. Keeping count may be difficult.
Standards: Back knee kisses the ground every rep.
Scale: Do 300, 200, or 100.
Make it more challenging: Do as many lunges as you can without a rest. If you get 400, give yourself a gold star.

Workout: Burpee Ladder.

Breakdown: Do 1 burpee the 1st minute, 2 the 2nd minute, 3 the third, etc. until you can no longer perform that number in that minute. Your score is how far you get in minutes. For example, if you get to 13 minutes and can’t go any further, that’s your score.Standards: See glossary.
Scale: Do every other minute.
Make it more challenging: Jump over an object after each rep, 12 inches in height, or jump to have your hands touch something 1 foot above your standing reach with arms extended upwards.

Workout: 10 rounds of 30-second hold of handstands, V- up, squat.

Breakdown: Using a continuously running clock, do 30 seconds in a handstand hold, then 30 seconds in a V-up, then 30 seconds in a squat. Attempt to do all 30-second periods unbroken, and transition as quickly as possible from one movement to the next. Use something to keep track of your rounds, like a piece of paper and a pen. This workout will take 15 minutes total to accomplish.
Standards: Handstands – inverted with feet against the wall, hands firmly planted on the ground just outside shoulder width. V-ups – sitting on the ground, balance on your butt (legs extended and off the ground, upper body also off the ground), midsection tight. Squat – crease of hips must be below the level of knees.
Scale: Handstands – invert yourself as much as possible. This could be a yoga headstand hold or a steep incline pushup position. V-ups – engage your midsection, this could be done with legs extended and arms reaching up as far as possible forcing your shoulder blades off the ground. Squat – if you’re limited by flexibility, squat to a chair with your butt barely touching.
Make it more challenging: Start and stop the clock at each movement to get a full 30 seconds of work, and the only “rest” is the time it takes to move to the next movement.

Workout: “The Vortex”.

Breakdown: With a continuously running stopwatch, run 1.5 miles.  At each minute mark, alternate between 10 jumping lunges (one rep is both left and right) and 10 pushups (so at minute 1, do 10 jumping lunges, minute 2, 10 pushups, etc). Continue in this fashion until either you have finished 1.5 miles, or you get “Vortexed” (i.e. have no time to run after finishing your lunges or pushups).
If you finish, your time is your score. If you get Vortexed, your time at the Vortex and your distance completed is your score.
Standards: 1.5 miles; see pushup and lunge standards above.
Scale: 1 mile, 5 jumping lunges and 5 pushups.
Make it more challenging:  Vortex +1 or +2: do 11 jumping lunges and 11 pushups, or 12 and 12.

Check out their full list of holiday WODs here, and perhaps get some holiday shopping done for your CrossFit friends (or yourself) while you’re at it. How much more creative could your WODs be with a set of rings and a good jump rope?

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