How Being a Sports Fan Can Make You Feel Happier and Healthier

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Research has shown that there are many health advantages to supporting a sports team. For instance, researchers have found it can improve a fan’s general happiness and feelings of wellbeing, to name just a few. Here’s how being a sports fan can make you feel happier and healthier.

Become Part of a Community

Feeling a connection or an affiliation to a group is important for a person’s wellbeing. Supporting a team can therefore be valuable to both your psychological and social health. The act of putting on a sports cap or jersey can have a powerful effect on a fan’s sense of community. By doing so, other fans will be more likely to smile at you in the street or ask your opinion on an upcoming game. You will therefore feel as if the sports fans are your friends, even if you do not know their names and will never see them again.

Lower Levels of Loneliness

Watching a game with others can make your feelings of loneliness disappear. In fact, research has proven that sports fans have reported a lower level of loneliness, regardless of whether a game is on or not. Becoming part of the community can therefore decrease a person’s feelings of alienation.

A Safe Space to Express Emotion

Men often struggle to articulate or express emotion with others. However, sports provide men with a safe space to cry, laugh, shout, or show forms of affection to others. So, rather than stifling the emotions they are feeling inside, they will have a forum to release them without judgment from others. Many fans will find it perfectly acceptable to cry when a team loses or hug another person when they are victorious.

A Common Language with Loved Ones

Sports can cross generational barriers, as it can connect family members unlike any other topic. For example, a granddad might not be interested in computer games, but he will have common ground with his son and daughter, or grandson or granddaughter, who supports his club. Three generations of families can therefore share in a sporting experience together, while sharing the same emotions and language, which they might not have in other areas of their lives. It can therefore make loved ones develop a stronger bond over the years. So, treat your loved ones to some NBA tickets to strengthen your relationships.

Experience More Success

Success might sometimes feel hard to come by but supporting a team could ultimately provide a person with successes in life. While every team will have its ups and downs at some point, there will be days when a team will win a big game, secure a talented player or potentially take home a trophy. In fact, it can be so effective that various hospitals are now funding soccer leagues for young men who are living with mental health issues.

How do sports make you feel happier and healthier? Write a comment below.

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