How Does Exercise Contribute To Our Overall Well Being?

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by Evie Coles

Life can only be well led if both the mental and physical faculties complement each other in their strengths. Now how do you make this possible? By adopting a suitable and regular exercising regime! But results can only be guaranteed if you actually enjoy the time you spend exercising, rather than doing it because you are forced to.

General benefits of exercises

While it is difficult to enumerate all the advantages of regular exercises, some of the more important ones are:

  • It helps you to improve on your current physical strength,
  • It brings about an improvement in your ability to do daily work,
  • It enables you to maintain your balance properly especially if you are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases,
  • Some common ailments like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases etc., actually benefit from doing regular exercises,
  • It makes you mentally strong thus helping you to overcome any feelings of depression, mood swings etc.

Simply speaking, exercises help you to improve your overall well-being and make you lead a better quality of life.

Mental benefits of exercises

It is said that acquiring strength can never become a weakness. In fact strength acquired from a routine bout of exercise, actually helps to improve and upgrade your other attributes. Mentally, exercises are a great stabilising factor in everyday life for it teaches you to triumph in life. It teaches you to face difficult circumstances with a strength and vitality and come out trumps.

To sum up a few vitally important areas wherein exercises help to gain mental strength are:

  • Gives you a new perspective: In times of difficulty and general chaos in life, it helps you to forget your worries and anxieties for some time. Thus your mind gets freshened up and you start seeing the situation in a different perspective making it easier for you to solve it.
  • Acts as a form of self-therapy: Exercise is a medium by which you can let out all your negative feelings of anger, aggression, sadness, etc. By pushing yourself to go the extra mile or to pickup that extra weight in a gym, you are actually able to throw out the negative energy from your body.
  • Enables the release of pleasure chemicals in the brain: Regular exercise enables the release of certain chemicals like Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins etc., which gives rise to a sense of achievement and also makes you feel happier than you were before.

Physical benefits of exercises

Physically, exercise is the only way by which you can facilitate healthy living and get freedom from sickness and ailments. More often than not health conditions arise from living an exercise-free life. When different body parts are not kept active, they tend to develop complications which result in health conditions like obesity, diabetes, aches and pains etc. A daily dose of exercise, on the other hand, ensures that every part of your body feels vitally alive by enhancing flow of blood. This, in turn, enables proper flow of oxygen to the muscles thus making them work even better. The proper functioning of the muscles prevents the occurrence of hypertension or high blood pressure and stops the onset of heart related issues. Other equally important ways by which exercises contribute to our general well-being are:

  • Helps to manage weight: Due to the popularity of fast food and an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity or weight management issues have become a very common problem. So how do we combat it? The only way is to set up a daily exercise regime and follow it rigorously. This will ensure that you are able to keep a check on weight issues and are also able to eat your favourite foods, but in moderation.
  • Acts as an energy booster: Once you start exercising regularly, there will be no need for the intake of artificial energy boosters. This is because exercises tend to bring about an increase in the muscle tissue which in turn helps to increase your basic metabolic rate. Exercises also ensure that the proper functioning of the various physiological functions occurring in your body. This also results in added energy being released thereby making you feel vital and energised throughout the day.
  • Helps to sleep better: Regular exercise ensures a deep, undisturbed sleep at night. This benefit is of extra relevance for people with sleep disorder or insomnia. These people will be able to stop taking sleeping pills which have a harmful side effect on the body in the long run and be able to sleep naturally.

The type of exercise you do does not matter at all as long as you exercise regularly. Hence be it cardio, yoga, aerobics etc., or a combination of various different forms of exercise, the output of advantages remains the same. Hence be healthy, be happy and exercise regularly for a happy, fun filled life.

Author Bio:

Evie Coles is the writer of this article, and she is a professional writer and blogger. She writes on different health blogs and websites regularly. She also associates with the health website that helping people losing weight. Find her social FacebookTwitter and Google+

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