How Does Live-In Care Work?

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There are many ways to arrange care for an elderly relative or someone who needs a little extra assistance to live a regular life. One popular method of care is live-in care. What exactly is live-in care, and how does it work? It can be confusing when you are looking at different care methods, and this can make it difficult to work out which one is best for you. Here is a short description of live-in care and how it functions.


What is Live-In Care?
Live-in care is exactly as the name suggests – a carer lives in the home of the client and helps meet their needs. As a live-in carer they are there day and night to help out, although of course they do take breaks as stated by law. Some careworkers stay with a client all the time while others work on a rota system.

Live-in care is increasingly used by families and clients as an alternative to a care home. Live-n care helps a person maintain their independence and continue to live in familiar surroundings.

Is Live-In Care Suitable?
Care at home suits a variety of individuals. It is a good idea for someone who needs companionship and friendship, personal care, and help with taking medication. Live-in care is also good for someone who needs help with cooking and preparing meals, completing household tasks, or caring for a pet. The carer helps to minimise the risk of falls and provides physical assistance for moving around the home and garden. A carer will also help with trips into town or to see friends, and help an individual enjoy their hobbies and maintain a regular way of life.

Live-in care is also suitable for people who would become stressed and confused if required to change environments, including those with dementia. Routine is very important and familiarity helps to improve symptoms of the disease. Live-in care is also suitable for short periods of time, for example as someone recovers from an illness or surgery.

How to Organise Live-In Care
There are a number of ways to organise care at home, including privately by advertising for a carer and managing the carer’s employment yourself. This can be difficult, however, as you must be responsible for tax and insurance, monitoring performance and health and safety. You can also arrange for live-in care through an agency. The agency will find a carer and will handle all the logistical issues surrounding employing a carer. This is an important service and in particular helps families who live a long distance away from their relative.

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