How Live-In Care Is Changing The Older Generation’s Lives.

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Many surveys have been done on this very subject and when they asked our older generation about what kind of care they would like to get when they get older, the majority replied that they would like to receive some kind of nursing care right there in their own homes. The minority of them chose to live in a residential home but it was noted that a number of them still ended up there. This might have been their families not listening to what their parents wanted or maybe, there just wasn’t enough nurses to go around. In the UK, the hospital services are finding it difficult to cope, due to the ever growing numbers of old people here.

Care Second To None. Live-in nursing seems to be the perfect solution for these issues and companies like Consultus Care, are there trying to address the issues of an older population who want to stay in their homes, but still need care around the clock. Many other care providers claim to offer a great service, but it has been noted that they fail to provide the more person centred services that these people want. Currently, there is quite a shortage of caregivers available to provide a live-in service to the community in the UK, but Consultus Care is still able to meet demand.

Maintain Your Independence. When an older person is able to remain in their own home, while receiving additional care, it definitely creates a better outcome overall. The patient maintains their independence and this is reflected in their improving health, both mentally and physically. Due to the nursing shortages and continuous cutbacks within the NHS, these live-in nursing companies can provide the much needed help required to fill the gap and also offers the government savings in the form of re-admissions reduction for hospitals. It costs the UK government one and a half billion pounds a year, just to re-admit patients back into the hospitals.

Quicker Recovery Times. These live-in nurses are able to administer the older person’s medicines and this takes the pressure off the health system. In some cases, if the patient is competent enough, they can teach them to administer their own medicines, if the procedure is relatively simple. Their families can visit the same as before, because they are still living in their own homes while receiving their twenty four hour care. This support from their family members and friends is crucial if the patient is to recover more quickly.

24/7 Care. Hospital beds are reducing in numbers due to the growing amount of pension aged UK citizens and live-in nurses help with trying to empty these beds and get the patient sent home. Once the live-in nurse gets the patient stable, they can hand the care over to the live-in carer and the patient is in good hands. Live-in nursing and care giving helps combine the services of the NHS and the social services and together, 24 hour care is provided, as well as company for the patient and also assurances that they will be taken care of with professionalism and compassion.

Live-in care is clearly the best choice for everyone concerned. Look into how this excellent service can assist the one you love and make your family’s life much easier.

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