How Making a Switch to Digital Dentistry can Help Your Practice in More Ways than One

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In the last hundred years or so, we have all been able to take advantage of various innovations in our daily lives, making our tasks and responsibilities much easier to accomplish. Computer technology, for example, has changed the way we do everything, from doing routine work to creating complex programmes and software which can really make a big impact in our jobs and lifestyles.


If you are a dental practitioner, you may already be aware that there are certain innovations you can also make use of – and this is where digital dentistry comes in. With digital dentistry, meaning the use of scanners, printers, high-tech microscopes, X-rays, and other advanced dental and surgical equipment, your practice can be enhanced, and your time and effort can also be significantly saved. Here’s how making a switch to digital dentistry can help your practice in more ways than one.

Enhanced precision

With the use of technology such as lasers, you can easily and quickly create an image or impression of a tooth so it can be reconstructed with much better speed and accuracy. Gone are the days of dental crown remakes, since digital reconstructions are much more exact and precise and leave no room for errors or mistakes. The lack of a need to do dental crown remakes alone can already save you hours of time, not to mention hours of effort and expense.

A faster service

With digital dentistry technology such as scanners and other important tools and implements, you can give your patients a faster, more efficient service as well. Rather than have your patients wait for a minimum of two weeks for them to receive their crowns and other dental work, all they need to do is wait for a few days. In some cases, crowns, bridges, veneers, and inlays can even be ready in less than a day.

More beautiful teeth

It’s quite interesting to note that most dentures and crowns made in the past were not really made to be properly aesthetic or pleasing to the eye. It was more of function rather than form, to be quite honest. But today, thanks to digital technology, crowns, bridges, inlays, veneers, and more can be created and developed to be more aesthetically-pleasing, with a greater emphasis on the right colour and the right contour or shape. This makes your patient’s teeth look more natural and more attractive as well.

Aside from more attractive teeth, your patients can also benefit from a higher quality construction. Digitally-designed and processed crowns and bridges tend to be more durable and made of a better quality than traditionally-made and processed dental work.

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