How Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray Boosts the Immunity

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Nanotechnology and nanoscience represent fields of exciting modern research with far-reaching implications in technological and life science advancements. Nanoscience is at the core of a revolutionary immune boosting supplement formula from Nano-Ojas® that was designed to strengthen immunity and implore the body to operate at its best.

This uniquely simple immune spray is a water-based emulsion of nano policosanol. There are a few highly fundamental health benefits specific to Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray, so read ahead for a quick study of this revolutionary new health tool that has people around the world discovering the secret to a healthy, high-performing immune system.

Made from natural plant-based ingredients
Nano-Ojas® is an emulsion of nano policosanol – a formula that is patented all over the world. Policosanol is a substance naturally derived from waxes found in many whole foods and plants. It does not contain fillers, allergens, or potentially harmful ingredients such as dairy, egg, sugar, fish, yeast, soy, gluten/wheat, nuts, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It is 100% natural and – perhaps most importantly – it is easy to consume.

The convenience of a spray
Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray is adaptable to any situation due to its simple spray delivery, and therefore is easy to administer and is safe for everyone in the family – especially children who do not like taking “medicine.” This dietary supplement requires no water or food; simply spray in mouth, where it will be absorbed right away for optimal utilization by the body.

Powerful delivery
Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray contains a concentrated formula which nutritionally enhances the innate healing power of the body. An outstanding discovery of nanoscience technology, this spray delivers innovative immune system support suitable for improving the most common to the most complicated health concerns.

Beyond these core benefits, Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray is perfect for a number of typical scenarios we experience every day.

– The spray can be used anytime, and is highly effective when used right at the beginning of feeling sick or unwell. It is further beneficial when used to combat seasonal immune threats. Winter can be considered one of the most brutal, when exposure to immune threats is higher and therefore leads to an imbalanced immune system. During these seasons, the system becomes overworked from the constant assault and is unable to respond adequately. This can induce a host of minor illnesses – the difference being that this time of year, those runny noses, headaches, and coughs can easily snowball into more serious and significant illnesses. Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray keeps minor illnesses from materializing into something much worse, defending against bacterial and viral invaders more effectively.

– Alternatively, spring is also a season when the atmosphere and weather experience a dramatic shift – this time from warm to cold – but exposure to immune threats remain. Springtime nurtures a greater chance of causing chemical disruptions and allergies, making a person prone to primary and secondary health issues. Imbalances throughout the immune system result in the body being less responsive to seasonal ills and chills. Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray promotes harmony throughout the body by supporting the immune system effectively with a natural solution that yields no harmful side effects.

Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray delivers powerful anti-inflammatory properties which support cell membrane integrity to fight against viral and bacterial infections. When policosanol nanoparticles enter the bloodstream, they target key organs vital in their role to defend against such invaders. These nanoparticles are so effective that they are capable of improving key bio-markers associated with health dysfunction.

The patented immune spray from Nano-Ojas® (visit can be taken on a routine basis for health and well-being, or for times when feeling physically weak or overstressed. Policosanol nanoparticles instinctively and intelligently know how to target and stimulate energy levels by strengthening the immune system. This convenient, all-natural spray is safe for infants and kids to defend against germs at daycare or school, helping to keep minor colds and diseases from materializing into full-blown illnesses. Furthermore, this proprietary immune spray is highly suitable to busy adults, including working professionals, students, athletes, travelers, moms, dads, caregivers, and anyone else who demands more from a supplement. Nano-Ojas® Immune Spray is the only supplement you’ll ever need.

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