How to Find the Best Adjustable Weight Bench

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Arguably, in today’s competitive world, everyone wants to stay fit and look good, but going to the gym may not be your cup of tea. A private gym at home can help you increase your muscle size and endurance while enjoying your free time with your family. However, it is worth noting that the best adjustable weight bench allows you to have a well-rounded workout that you would not achieve with regular benches. But how can you choose the best bench for your home gym? Don’t worry!

There are millions of designs available in the market suitable for everyone; from beginners to seasoned athletes who are training for professional competitions. In our guide, we will walk you through the features of the best adjustable weight bench.


1. Bench padding

An adjustable weight bench with almost 2 inches of padding is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable workout. If it is less than that, you will definitely feel the frame and the baseboard on your back. On the other hand, if it is more than 2 inches, your stability and rigidity will start to be compromised. You can push your thumb into your bench padding to test its thickness.

2. Pivot point

The fulcrum connects the frame to the movable arm of your bench. Ensure that this point is strong because it is the main stress point of your workout bench. A tight hinging point that has no wobble should be your focus.

3. The frame

Needless to say, the frame of your adjustable weight bench plays a vital role in supporting your body and the extra weight that you push. Ensure it is up to the task to avoid disappointments during heavy workouts. Although weight benches come with weight ratings, ensure that the frame you choose can handle maximum resistance. For example, if you are 200 pounds and you can press up to 230 pounds, choose an adjustable weight bench that is capable of around 600 pounds.

4. Flexibility

If you want to work your upper body easily, you need a weight bench that can be adjusted to decline, incline and flat angles. Today, most adjustable weight benches have fixed preacher curls. However, if you are looking for an interesting workout experience, go for those benches that have removable leg curl attachments. This allows you to get them out of the way when benching.

5. Dimensions and fold up storage

The best thing about adjustable weight benches with fold up storage is that they can fit in homes with limited space. They can be stored under your bed or in closets when they are not in use.

Pros of an adjustable weight bench

• They often come with additional attachments such as preacher curls and leg curls.

• They offer a variety of exercise options to choose from.

• Allows you to work your muscles at different angles.

The Bottom Line

Getting the best adjustable weight bench guarantees a seamless workout experience at home. Make sure the padding, flexibility, frame, and dimensions of the bench are up to the task before investing your hard earned money in any model. Do your assignment well to avoid getting a bench that will not give you the service you are looking for – the choice is in your hands.

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