How to Have a Beautiful and Unforgettable Smile

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Your smile speaks for itself, it transmits a positive feeling to those who see it, it is contagious, it fosters new friendships, even new loves. It generates well-being and illuminates your face. A smile is worth more than many words and is enough to express your feelings at certain times. Because of this, and many other reasons, it is very important to take care of your teeth through good oral hygiene.

Regularly visiting your dentist or an orthodontist Woodbridge VA has will help maintain your teeth in top shape. Also, follow some of the recommendations below so that your smile always looks good.

An infallible kit for cleaning

The integral care of your mouth will be better achieved with the help of some specific tools. Include toothpaste with fluoride to prevent tooth decay and keep your gums protected, and use dental floss between your teeth so that there is no extra accumulation of food or tartar deposits. Finally, complete you cleaning with a good mouthwash, especially at night, this will help you avoid infections and keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Full brushing

Not only should you brush your teeth well, but good oral hygiene includes tongue cleaning. Specialized lingual cleansers will help you with this area. However, the conventional toothbrush can also be equally effective, and it will help to prevent halitosis and move residue that can remain, even after brushing your teeth.

Eat well

A healthy and balanced diet will help keep your mouth healthy and avoid bad smells and oral diseases. Your immune system will be reinforced and that will make you ready to defend yourself from any type of bacteria that you may have in your oral area. Avoid sudden changes in temperature of food so that your sensitivity and tooth enamel does not suffer, try to brush your teeth after eating sweet foods, to prevent the occurrence of cavities.

Gum: a practical and delicious solution

Many times, when you’re away from home, it can be difficult to regularly brush your teeth when you should. Use gum, without sugar; the stimulation produced by chewing gum mobilizes the salivary glands, producing more saliva. This substance is the best defender of your teeth against tooth decay.

Beware of bleach

Dreaming of having white teeth and a bright smile is very common; however, teeth whitening agents can become the cause of severe pain. They are very effective in brightening up your smile, removing stains and cleaning your teeth, but if you use them excessively you can gradually remove the tooth enamel, leaving your teeth exposed which can lead to serious problems.

Follow these simple recommendations and take care of your teeth so that your smile stays beautiful and healthy for many years.

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