How to Increase Height Using Yoga Postures

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Every vertically challenged person wants a little boost, and what better way to do it naturally than doing yoga. Using yoga to help increase one’s height is not only natural but also totally safe. Yoga is also great for overall well-being of both mind and body. Normally, growth spurts stops at age 13 for girls and 15 for boys once they’ve reached puberty. Through the help of some yoga postures, it can help in improving one’s height even after hitting the puberty stage. This might not be the overnight process for a lot of people, but overtime, results will surely show as long as the yoga practitioner puts in the hard work.

Here are some effective yoga postures that will definitely help in increasing the height. Practicing these yoga postures will not only boost one’s height a few inches but also provide calmness and body strength.

This yoga posture is also known as the Cobra Posture. The yogi lies on their stomach with their toes stretched out. Keeping their legs close, their feet should touch each other and their hands are place below their shoulders. They then lift their chest up, putting the pressure on their hands. The next step is stretch their heads back as much as they can while putting equal pressure on both of their hands.

Tadasana or the Tree Pose is done by standing straight with the yogi’s arms on their side and their feet firmly flat on the floor. Slowly and gradually, they place their right foot on their inner thigh of their left leg. This might sound difficult at the beginning so just place the right foot as high as possible. The yogi then balances on their left leg, while keeping their posture straight. They bring their palms together, in front of their chest and then slowly raise their joined a=hands over their head and stretch as much as they can.

The Triangle Pose is done with the open eyes and standing with the yogi’s feet about 3½ apart. They then turn their left foot 90 degrees and their right foot 15 degrees, making sure that their weight is equally distributed on both their feet. Afterwards, they stretch their arms horizontally, parallel to the ground and they bend on their left side, so their hand can touch their left foot and the right hand is pointing upwards. Their face must also be looking upwards. Repeat the steps for the other side of the body and make the yogi must sure to stretch themselves as much as they can

Ujjayi Pranayama
Also referred to as the Victorious Breath, this breathing yoga posture focuses more on breathing the right way as it sends direct vibrations to the concerned glands and aids in bringing in positive changed to one’s body and mind. This yoga posture starts with the lying position. The yogi then breathes in and out through their noses while keeping their mouths shut. The inhale and exhale movement should be long and deep

Each of these yoga postures will stretch out the parts of the body connected with height and will also bring a sense of positivity of the mind. Yoga is the natural and easy alternative to helping adding height but it needs to done accurately and regularly. Following the steps and guides will help a lot in achieving height increase.


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