How to Make a Selection of a Coffin

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Funeral directors often suggest pre-planning as it can be difficult for a family to make a selection for a coffin at the last minute. Therefore, it is best to pre-plan your funeral to ensure that your wishes are fully met.

Making a Choice for a Coffin

When you make a choice for a coffin, you need to consider the following:

● The style and design of the coffin
● The materials that are used
● What you wish to pay

What may surprise you is the fact that cardboard coffins are not less expensive than wood coffins. Therefore, you need to consult with a representative who can offer his or her advice for experienced funeral services in Dursley.

Types of Materials

Today, you can choose coffins that are made with the following materials:

● Wood
● Wicker
● Bamboo
● Willow
● Cardboard
● Recycled materials

Customising the Coffin

You probably want to personalise your coffin too. Some of the ideas for a bespoke coffin follow:

● Add artwork or decoupage on the coffin
● Add personalised adornments that relate to your life’s experiences
● Select a special fabric for the interior

Coffin Interiors and Exterior Designs

Normally coffin interiors consist of a throw, side sheet, mattress, and quilt. You can also choose from contemporary or traditional coffin designs. Traditional coffins may be made of a satin oak veneer finish or a rosewood material. Some people prefer an elegant white coffin whilst others like a white coffin that is gold-lined. Rich cedar is yet another popular material.

As you can see, a selection can engage a good deal of your time. That is why it is best to pre-plan your funeral service. Contact a funeral director about pre-planning today.

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