How to make Lean safely and Legally

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In today’s day, lean (dirty sprite) can be a taboo topic of those outside of the Hip-Hop scene, but within the hip-hop scene, lean is a thriving culture that has influenced many songs and artists to whom today’s hip-hop youth listen to . To those that don’t know, lean is a drink that render the user with euphoric and sedative effects but that doesn’t come without risk… Lean (as is popularly used) is concocted with an unsafe quantity of pharmaceutical drugs. The drugs used are typically promethlazine with Codeine. Those drugs are typically perscriped for colds and congestion, however it is used in 20 times its’ proportional dose. The concoction is mixed with soft drinks and jolly ranchers (typically) and is coined as “lean”. The drink is illegal, however legal alternatives have been making their way into the limelight. The reason for this is because, lean’s main compenent is known to cause severe addiction, health problems and puts its’ users at risk for fatal consequences. Currently the alternative market is tending to customers showing them how to make lean that’s safe and legal. A group in Yeshiva University has created in order to help users with harm reduction and leading them towards healthy alternatives. These alternative use strong natural extracts, entheogens and terpenes to emulate the effects of pharmaceutical lean.

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