How to Protect Your Food from Bears when Camping

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There’s nothing like camping if you are in the need for a city detox. The breathtaking natural sceneries, the fresh air and the tranquility of the wilderness are the perfect ingredients for melting your stress and your worries away. However, as much as we love to reconnect with nature, there are certain parts of it that we never want to connect with. Such is the case of the bears, which most of us prefer to admire from a very great distance. Bears are not found of us either, and in most situations, they prefer to avoid us, that is unless we are packing something delicious. In what follows, we will give you some advice, in order to help you enjoy a nice camping adventure and keep the bears away from your food and yourself.

1. Do some research with local authorities
If you are planning a camping trip, it is imperative to check with the local authorities because they can give you the best advice for your safety. You may need to protect yourself from more than just bears, and since you can never know what to expect in the wild, it is always better to ask before heading for your next camping adventure. Keep in mind that local authorities can give you more than just some simple guidelines, as in some areas, you are required by law to wear some type of special camping equipment.

2. Never keep your food near your camping site
If you’ve ever seen a camping scene in a movie, you know that it always ends with a dinner around the fire, after which everybody goes to bed, near the same fire to keep warm. This is the biggest camping misconception, and you could be putting yourself at serious risk if you do this. The smell of the food will attract bears and other animals which could pose a serious risk to your safety. Some people cook and eat the food near the camping site and then put the food further away. This can also be dangerous as there can still be food scraps around the camping site. So, always camp away from the place where you cooked, ate and stored your food.

3. Use bear bags and bear canisters
Bear canisters are mandatory in bear areas, and this type of equipment can be very useful in many situations. You should consider them even if they are not required by law in the area where you plan to go. Although they are very useful, most people only use them when required by law, because their compact shape makes them hard to carry and store. Bear bags are more convenient for more people, as they are easier to carry. Bear bags are usually hung in a high place where presumably bears can’t reach them.

4. Smell proof bags
Hanging your food in a high place is a great way to tease and even test a bear. Our advice is to try as much as possible not to test the bears, as you might end up losing. As such, we recommend that you use smell proof bags to store all of your food. These bags are made of a special fabric that cannot be penetrated by odors. As such, you might be tempted to leave your food near the camping site, since these bags are so good at trapping the delicious food odors. However, there is a small chance that you will get some smell on the bags when handling the food, so we advise you to still keep your food away, even when using odor proof bags.

Given this wide variety of options, you might be wondering what is the best choice to make. Well our advice is to use most, if not all of our suggestions for added safety. Keep your food in smell proof bags, stored inside a bear bag or canister, hanged away from your camping site. It may sound like a lot of trouble, but your safety is not something that you should ever risk.

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