How to Stimulate Growth in Unresponsive Triceps

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If you are even remotely serious about making your arms bigger, then you will need to concentrate on your triceps more than your biceps. After all, the three heads of this muscle do take up more than 3/4 of your arm, and unless all those heads are growing proportionately, you cannot expect to have well-rounded and muscular arms. Then again, maybe you already know that by now, but your efforts are not bringing forth the results you want. In that case, the following tips should help you to bust through your plateau and stimulate growth in your unresponsive triceps.

Shock Your Triceps

Muscles grow when the nervous system receives the signal that the muscles were damaged during the last workout and must, therefore, grow bigger and stronger to counter the same workout the next time around. Shock is a great way to induce growth in a body part that isn’t responding to traditional training. Below, you will find a few tips on how to shock your muscles out of hibernation.

  • Alternate heavy weight-low rep sets with light weight-high rep sets
  • Incorporate the triceps exercises which you generally avoid
  • Work your triceps three times in a single week
  • Keep changing the exercises and the intensity every time you work your triceps to keep your body from getting used to any routine

Don’t Count Your Reps

We all have a tendency to count our reps and it might be beneficial to the people who just started, but since you are not a beginner, you need not count your reps anymore. Just work your triceps on each set till you can’t do even one more. This single move will make sure that with each set, you are completely exhausting your triceps and that could be exactly what was missing from your workouts. Working to failure has broken plateaus for even legendary bodybuilders.

Overtraining is Always a Bad Idea

You probably know this already but even professionals make the same mistake. In our zeal to bring the best out of our muscles, we often end up overtraining them, and that’s counterproductive. Even when you are trying to stimulate growth in your triceps by training the three heads thrice a week, don’t let the total workout time for each day be more than 45 minutes.

A point to remember is that we are all bound by genetics and while our efforts can certainly do a lot of things, there are definitely weak points and strong points in all our bodies. What this means is that some muscles in your body will grow bigger and better with minimal effort, while the other regions may not grow even nearly as much with the same amount of effort. That is perfectly normal and while we cannot exactly break our genetic limits, we can certainly stretch them to a point where it no longer remains a limit anymore. If you liked what you read and if you are serious about building muscles and getting bigger, do check out Buildthemuscle.Org where they have all the resources that you need to reach the peak of your strength and physique.

Got any more muscle-building tips? Let us know in the comments!

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