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Normal skin usually does not raise problems and requires minimal care to keep it healthy and shiny. Also, normal skin tolerates the most popular lotions and creams. A regular skin care program, exfoliation, combined with a balanced, healthy diet, helps maintain the skin’s suppleness and youthfulness. Regular care of normal skin includes several simple steps.


Homemade treatments are a real help for the skin affected by low temperatures. We offer you a selection of the most effective natural treatments for the face for extra care:

Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer, having a similar composition to the natural oil that baby’s skin produces to moisturize. Almond oil is an excellent treatment for dry skin, eliminating itchiness, dryness, irritation and redness. We often find it combined in face creams, exfoliants or eye creams. It is also an ingredient that offers sun protection to the skin, thus being an excellent fighter against signs of aging. It is also effective in the treatment of scars and stretch marks.

You can make a mask. Helpful info here. Take a quarter of the banana. Apply it on the face, taking care to avoid the suborbital region. Leave it to act for 10 minutes, then remove it with cold water. Banana is an excellent remedy for the removal of dead cells, which gives a “no life” appearance. Regular use of banana gives the skin a fresh, healthy and shiny appearance.

The person getting a treatment should be relaxed on the cosmetic bed, in a special atmosphere, benefiting from aromatherapy and mesotherapy. All facial treatments are performed in a pleasant environment where you will enjoy relaxing music, discreet light and special ambient perfumes.Facial treatments have a lot of benefits: it helps to cleans the skin, pore breakage, prevention of wrinkles, moisturizing and softening the skin.

Depending on their complexity, treatments may last from half an hour to an hour and a half or even two hours. Cosmetics expert will explain the steps you follow so that you do not worry and enjoy the moments spent at the salon.
Facial electrostimulation or electrodermal surgery is a beneficial procedure for the facial muscles, which gives the shine and vigor of the skin. This treatment is done by applying micro-currents to the skin surface, after it has been thoroughly cleansed and cleaned before the procedure. The lifting effect is obtained after a consistent treatment of at least 10-12 sessions. By deepening the muscles, the effects of subsequent treatments are maximized.
Skin Scrubber helps eliminate dead cells and toxin deposits stored in the cells of the face due to pollution, poor nutrition, smoking, stress or skin damage with age.

The thermoshok hammer recovers skin elasticity through exerted pressure and hot-cold alternation.
Facial cleansing and moisturizing treatments do not generally have major contraindications. However, it is advisable to avoid them in case of: surgical interventions recently or prior to surgery, serious heart disease, serious eye disease, epilepsy, tumors, cancer, fever, open wounds, recent dental treatments, pregnancy.
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Cocoa butter is extracted from the cocoa tree seeds found in Central and South America. Besides its enchanting aroma – being an ingredient often used in aromatherapy, cocoa butter is the basic ingredient in many lotions and tanning oils. It moisturizes the skin, gives it a smooth and velvety appearance. All cocoa butter is found very often in soaps and skin lotions.

Hyperbaric oxygen is a true modern elixir of beauty! Known as the favorite face treatment of Madonna and many stars, it is an innovative skin rejuvenation system. No needles, no risks and no side effects!

Forget about the torments caused by injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid! Choose this wonderful and happy blend of science and nature – a phenomenon in anti-aging treatments.

Also, this method calms the skin and gives the skin a refreshing feeling. Therefore, facial hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps heal or balance the skin after performing more invasive procedures such as chemical peeling, photo regeneration, laser hair removal, permanent tattoos or makeup.The skin that is glossy, fatty when touched and prone to black spots and pustules is known as fat.It is very important to keep this type of clean skin and to control the excess of sebum secretion.

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