How to work out with asthma

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Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, if you have asthma, you may feel reluctant to work out in case it triggers an asthma attack. This is an understandable concern as exercise can put a lot of strain on your bronchial tubes and make it harder to breathe. Having asthma should not restrict you from living a full and active life. To help you get your confidence to work out, we have a complete guide on how to exercise carefully without triggering an attack.

First things first, make sure you have a Ventolin inhaler at hand when exercising. If you don’t have your inhalers, you can buy Ventolin online in the UK – don’t attempt to work out without an inhaler nearby.

Best exercises for asthma sufferers

When it comes to working out with asthma, some exercises are better than others. Swimming is one of the best ways for asthma sufferers to exercise. This is because the air that you breathe while swimming is warm and moist. This air causes less trouble for those with asthma sufferers because it doesn’t cause the bronchial tubes to contract as much, which is what leads to difficulties breathing.

Another good exercise to try is yoga. When practicing yoga, a lot of emphasis is placed on breathing control. This is hugely beneficial for asthma sufferers as it prevents the habit of gasping for breath and instead teaches a more mindful habit. Studies have shown that regular practice of yoga can actually reduce the need for asthma medications.

Sports that have plenty of breaks are also very safe for those with asthma as it allows downtime to regain breathing control. This means that games such as rounders, softball and American football are all easily integrated into an asthma sufferer’s exercise routine.

Exercises to avoid

Endurance aerobic exercises are some of the toughest for those with asthma. The prolonged strain on the lungs, chest and bronchial tube can often lead to an asthma attack. This means that running, tennis, football and other fast-paced endurance activities can be very difficult. If you do want to partake in these sports, make sure to take regular breaks when you feel yourself start to wheeze.

Exercise factors that can trigger an attack

There are some exercise conditions that you may not consider that can lead to an asthma attack. Working out when it’s cold, for example, can lead to an asthma attack, even if you are exercising very gently. This is because cold air is harder for the bronchial tubes to process and the cold, dry air causes the muscles to contract and restrict the amount of oxygen flowing into the lungs. Other factors that can induce an attack are pollens, allergens and poor air quality. You may find it best to exercise in a gym or indoor arena that has very good ventilation or air flow.

Staying safe when exercising

Working out is never off limits for those with asthma, as long as you make sure you are safe while doing so. Know your limits, take frequent breaks and make sure you have your inhaler close at hand. There is no excuse for not having an inhaler ready when you need one when you can easily buy Ventolin online in the UK.

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